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Friday, 21 July 2017
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Chances are you've had your PayPal email address collected by a spam robot. Then your inbox is filled with all sorts of irrelevant emails that you don't want. You can protect your email address with the PayPal Flash Button Creator. By putting everything in a Flash swf file, it prevents the spam robots from harvesting your email address because the flash file surrounds your email like a protective shell.

Also by putting your information in a flash file, you protect yourself against the user who opens up your source and finds your download location. Besides using PayPal's IPN, putting the code inside a Flash movie is probably the best way to keep your information from the person that checks the source.

This easy to use program allows you to easily create an unlimited number of PayPal buttons. There are no separate text files for your Flash button. The information is embedded inside the Flash movie which makes it more secure than using a regular PayPal button.

It comes with 38 different images that you can use as your buttons. In addition, you can use a custom image that you create. Thus you can make the payment buttons fit your site.

You can create any type of Flash PayPal Button! It can be a cart, single item, donation or subscriptions Flash Button. In addition, you can save each button on your hard drive so can create another button for the same item if desired. Or if you only have a slight change to make to your button.

In addition, you can create custom payment pages for every button. You don't have to put the information in your profile. This means you can have an unlimited number of custom pages. If you want, you can have a unique page for every item.

Our .ppb file format is compatible with our other PayPal programs so if you decide to upgrade from our other products, you can use the same files.

Requirements: Windows 98 or later and the .Net Framework installed

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