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Friday, 21 July 2017
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Data Doctor Password unmask software is read only user friendly powerful password revelation utility that shows any typed stored password from login text boxes which shows in asterisks **** character. Unmask utility decode encrypted asterisks character (****) and shows in original text from password text boxes of any form. Retrieval software display original password when we move the pointer over the text box and asterisks character. It extract all the password code from password dialog box, web pages, email login form of yahoo, gmail, hotmail, rediff, orkut, msn, chat messenger and other user login webpages on internet explorer, mozilla, opera, Netscape web browsers. You can crack any password easily and this is also useful when you forgot your password. It is GUI based so that the user simply drag the mouse pointer on the password field and display store password. Password unmask software provides the security from different way of hacking like FTP, HTTP etc. It is safe, free and non destructive tool. It recovers the password without any loss of data. Password recovery tool retrieve windows login forms, application, wizard passwords which are saved in cookies and support windows 98, 2000, 2003, NT, ME, XP, VISTA.
* Data Doctor Password unmask tool is very effective to reveal any password.
* If administrator password has forgotten then it retrieves the lost password.
* Recovery utility supports zip, rar, pdf, MS-office, FlashFXP, cuteFTP, FTP, HTTP softwares.
* Tool helps the user to gain the access to computers and reset the password.
* Unmask tool can hack, crack stored password in memory when any one forgot the password.
* Utility cracks the password of chat messenger, gmail, yahoo, msn, rediff, hotmail, orkut, AOL etc.
* Retrieval software decodes all asterisks **** character of password text box easily and display original text.

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