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Wednesday, 23 August 2017
VOIP Call Shop Billing Software 5.1

    Using our Call Shop Billing system you can even grant customers with credit by taking payment before even they make a call. So with us you will have two options either to bill your customers after the completion of call (Post Paid Billing) or accept payment before they make a call and a lot them with a credit limit (Pre Paid Billing). So you can real-time bill the prepaid (credit) call shop user. The system checks the user's account balance before authorizing the call and always terminates the call on zero credit. The principle of operation of the call shop billing system is when the caller approaches front desk for making the calls based on deposit, they will be assigned a booth which is free with a token Number. Now they can make calls to whichever destination they wish and the billing system will allow them to make calls to the amount pre-deposited or to the programmed value. As soon as the programmed threshold value exceeds, the call gets disconnected.

With our billing platform, you can view and download Call Detail Records (CDRs) in real time. The posted CDRs provide all the details: call timestamp, duration, call leg properties, termination cause, callee, caller, ASR and QoS.

Call Shop Billing System can be used with RADIUS servers and also it can be used with switches which produce CDR's directly. Call Shop Billing System can be used with any RADIUS server which supports the VoIP functionality and provide the ability to define the structure of authentication and accounting tables for example Advanced Radius. Call Shop Billing solution supports Cisco, Quintum, Mera, ShoutIP, Clarent, GNU GK, softswitches and all those gateways and gatekeepers which provide the radius client functionality or produce CDR's.

Presently English version of the Software is available to be deployed in English speaking World and soon this software is available in various other language versions.

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Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000,Unix,Linux
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Advanced VOIP
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