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Friday, 20 July 2018
MDaemon 9.5.2

    MDaemon, Windows-based email server software, contains full mail server functionality and control with a strong emphasis on security to protect your email communication needs. MDaemon features include top-notch antispam security features; seamless integration with AntiVirus for MDaemon plug-in; built-in groupware functionalities for sharing folders, tasks, contacts, and address; separately licensed plug-in for Outlook users to access groupware functionalities using MDaemon as the mail server and groupware platform; SyncML server for PIM synchronization; secure instant messaging; free web-based email client; integrated remote administration tool; central address book repository; and much more!

Performance improvements in MDaemon 9.0 result from expanded support for multi-threading and multiple CPUs. The speed boosts affect the Content Filter, AntiSpam and AntiVirus engines, plus the IMAP server; HTML optimization increases the speed of the WorldClient web mail service; free/busy server to help with scheduling meetings is a major groupware addition; new interface for the Pocket PC provides access to calendar, contact, task, and other shared folders; standards-compliant SyncML server for synchronizing contacts, calendars and tasks with any SyncML-capable device, allowing you to maintain consistent data across multiple devices.

MDaemon 9.0 security enhancements include support for the latest additions to DKIM and Sender ID to detect spoofing and phishing by verifying the IP address of each sender against the purported owner of the sending domain. MDaemon 9.0 supports Active Directory monitoring for account management. By tracking changes in Active Directory, MDaemon can automatically add and change accounts, plus provide options for handling deleted accounts.

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