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Thursday, 19 July 2018
LockItNow! 1.2

    Let your mobile phone lock and unlock your PC. When LockItNow! detects that you are no longer by your PC it locks it, keeping others from accessing it. When you return your PC is automatically unlocked, ready to be used. No user interaction required!
No Bluetooth phone? No problem, LockItNow! works without Bluetooth as well. Locking your computer is just a click away.

LockItNow! contains security features, which, when set up, forbid normal users to change the settings in the normal way without passwort or through the registry and disallow exiting and force-exiting the program without passwort input.

Do you have a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and a Bluetooth enabled PC? Are you using the Bluetooth capabilities they provide? Probably not. Up until now, not that many user-friendly and useful Bluetooth applications have been available. At BluetoothShareware.com we are changing all that. We deliver easy-to-use applications that unleash the power of Bluetooth.

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LockItNow! 1)   LockItNow! 1.2
Let your Bluetooth mobile phone automatically lock and unlock your PC.
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Power Spy 2006 2)   Power Spy 2006 4.9
Monitor employees, children, spouse, and even criminals on your PC.
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ShadowIMSniffer 3)   ShadowIMSniffer 4.01
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Access Administrator Pro 4)   Access Administrator Pro 5.05
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Advanced Keylogger 6)   Advanced Keylogger 1
Advanced Keylogger is an invisible surveillance tool that records every stroke t
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Security Administrator 7)   Security Administrator 13.41
Protect your privacy and control access to your PC.
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IM Lock Professional 8)   IM Lock Professional 2.1
IM Lock blocks Instant Messengers, P2P, Chat, and Other Programs on PC Desktops
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Parental Control Tool for Windows 9)   Parental Control Tool for Windows
Parental Control Tool allows you to restrict access to PC and Internet
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Reset Service Password 10)   Reset Service Password 1.0
Allows you to change account information for Service remotely
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New Security & Privacy / Access Control softs

VBASafe 1)   VBASafe 1.655
Protect VBA Code, scramble VBA code and clean VBA projects
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Device Block 2)   Device Block 1.2.5
Block unauthorized device, data leak prevention and copy protection
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Program Access Controller 3)   Program Access Controller
Program Access Controller can Block, Restrict, Password Protect Programs or Apps
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Internet Access Controller 4)   Internet Access Controller
Restrict, block, limit internet access or web sites specified schedule, time
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PC Security Tweaker 5)   PC Security Tweaker 9.41
PC security tweaking software you can use to tweak Windows-based computers.
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Lock My Computer 6)   Lock My Computer 9.41
Desktop security solution for personal or publicly accessible computers.
License:Shareware, $49.95 to buy Size: 1923KB

File and Folder Privacy 7)   File and Folder Privacy 3.5
Password-protect and hide your files and folders with a click of your mouse.
License:Shareware, $49.00 to buy Size: 775KB

File Access Scheduler 8)   File Access Scheduler 5.1
Protect your files from being executed, viewed, changed and deleted by schedule
License:Shareware, $39 to buy Size: 748KB

DVD Device Lock 9)   DVD Device Lock 2.9
Hide or disable access to removable devices like CD, DVD, floppy, flash, USB.
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Bulletproof Public PC 10)   Bulletproof Public PC 7.2
Comprehensive solution to produce public PC and kiosk desktop terminals.
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