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Sunday, 22 July 2018
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    Customize the look and feel of Windows 2000 or Windows XP with WindowBlinds. It's a Windows utility that enables users to personalize nearly every aspect of the Windows graphical user interface. It can "skin" your title bars, push buttons, Start bar, radio buttons, and nearly every other part of Windows. There are thousands of freely available skins to choose from. Use WindowBlinds to make Windows look like another operating system (Mac, Linux, etc.) or give it your own unique look and feel. You can also create your own skins using the freely available SkinStudio. WindowBlinds eliminates the need for any stay-resident program making it use virtually no extra memory. It also makes use of hardware acceleration found on most nVidia and ATI cards resulting in an overall performance increase. WindowBlinds 5 also supports per-pixel alpha blending allowing for "glass" effects, semi-transparent titlebars/borders, smooth borders.

Version 5 adds per-pixel alpha blending. This means that title bars and borders and menus and other GUI elements seamlessly blend in to what is around them. Glassy skins, skins with very smooth edges, and irregularly shaped menus and other pieces become possible.

windowblinds 5.0 2006
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