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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Top 401-450 Security & Privacy Programs     (from 3485 category titles)
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Idea Finder 401)   Idea Finder 1
It help to find idea. Its can help to check idea.

Lock Files and Folders 402)   Lock Files and Folders 1.4
Lock Files & Folders can lock your files and folders without encrypting them

Winblocked 403)   Winblocked 1.00a
Winblocked dont allow anyone to access your pc without a password,fully customizable and secure

Portable Password Manager 404)   Portable Password Manager 1.0
Take control over your multiple web accounts and secure your passwords!

GSM Location 405)   GSM Location 3.00
Retrieve GSM location of a mobile phone

venta-sign 406)   venta-sign
venta-sign: high-security signature and encryption with smartcards and softtoken

AntiSnoop Password Dropper 407)   AntiSnoop Password Dropper 3.11c
The first password manager specifically designed to defeat keyboard sniffers, keystroke loggers, mouse monitors, and other "stealth" programs

Advanced ICQ Password Recovery 408)   Advanced ICQ Password Recovery 1.01
Advanced ICQ Password Recovery (ACQPR) is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to ICQ accounts (stored in local ICQ databases, *

Innovatools Audit MP3s 409)   Innovatools Audit MP3s 1.5
Keep your PC free from unwanted or illegal MP3 files and prevent RIAA lawsuits

Abacre Antivirus 410)   Abacre Antivirus 1.0
Increase your computer’s security with new generation antivirus!

SecureCentral IdentityAccess Manager 60-day Trial Edition 411)   SecureCentral IdentityAccess Manager 60-day Trial Edition 4
Identity and access management solution with support for web single sign-on

Trojan Remover 412)   Trojan Remover 6.1.9
Trojan Remover was written to aid in the removal of Trojan Horses and Internet Worms

1 Click & Lock 413)   1 Click & Lock 3.41
Secure your desktop when you step away from your PC

Protector Plus for Windows Me/98 414)   Protector Plus for Windows Me/98 7.2.H03
Protector Plus is an anti-virus software designed for Windows 95/98/Me.

Verification Engine 415)   Verification Engine 2.1.0
VerificationEngine - the free anti-phishing and identity assurance tool

CHAOS Self Decryptor 416)   CHAOS Self Decryptor 3.9
CHAOS Self Decryptor creating self-decrypting archives (SDAs).

ABC Security Protector 417)   ABC Security Protector 5.57
Protect your PC and stop lowlevel access to it.

Secure Folders XP 418)   Secure Folders XP 3.0
Hide and protect your important files, folders and entire drives! Download now!

Remote Desktop Spy 419)   Remote Desktop Spy 4.0
Monitor and record PC and Internet activity in the home, school or office.

Password Maintenance 420)   Password Maintenance 2.05e
Manage, print, and update all your passwords and sites in an alphabetical list.

Arc Menu 421)   Arc Menu 5.3
Secure multi-user DOS menu program

Keylogger Hunter 422)   Keylogger Hunter 3.02
Universal anti-keylogger. No scanning, real-time blocking.

Xmembytes AntiSpyware 423)   Xmembytes AntiSpyware V1.02 Beta
Equip your system to deal with Web-based security threats including hackers

SecureClean 424)   SecureClean 4.0
Protect Your Personal Identity! What isn't there, can't be stolen.

Spy Swat 425)   Spy Swat 1.6
Spy Swat is top of the line and will stop spyware dead in its tracks!!!

NCrypt 426)   NCrypt 1.8
encryption/decryption utility for protection of sensitive information

Ace ScreenSpy 427)   Ace ScreenSpy 5.0
Advanced computer video recording application

TypeTeller 2006 428)   TypeTeller 2006 1.46
Free keyboard logger for Windows to monitor kids or employees

Personal Inspector 429)   Personal Inspector 4.60
Monitor PC activity by recording keystrokes, application events and visited URLs

Invisible Key Logger Utility 430)   Invisible Key Logger Utility
keylogger tool captures all pressed keystrokes monitor user activity typed data

PrivacyWatcher 431)   PrivacyWatcher 1.12
Program for cleaning up the history of your PC and Internet activities.

Password Safe and Repository 432)   Password Safe and Repository 3.43
Password Safe is a professional solution for managing your passwords.

Evidence Exterminator 433)   Evidence Exterminator 2.62
Evidence Exterminator safely cleans all tracks left by you while using PC

PC Locker Pro 434)   PC Locker Pro 1.2
PC Locker Pro is a Freeware that lock and protect your computer when you leave.

Visual Hindsight Professional Edition 435)   Visual Hindsight Professional Edition 1.2
Professional-Grade Network Camera Surveillance and Recording

Program Sentry 436)   Program Sentry 1.0.0
Provides access control for programs on your computer. Password protection.

Ghazali Files Protector 437)   Ghazali Files Protector 2.0
Files Protector 2.0 Let you encrypt/decrypt many files with password.

Sentinel Professional 438)   Sentinel Professional 4.0
System Monitoring: Sentinel Takeover all the control of Windows based Computers

Handy Keylogger 439)   Handy Keylogger 3.25
Handy Keylogger - superior stealth keyboard monitor for family and business use!

PC Sentinel's Smoking Gun: Keylogger and More! 440)   PC Sentinel's Smoking Gun: Keylogger and More! 1.3.1
Easy-to-use keylogger and monitor records all activity on your PC.

AceSpy Spy Software 441)   AceSpy Spy Software 5.0
Monitors and blocks PC usage of your spouse, children or employees.

PCImmunity 442)   PCImmunity 1.1.4
Handles all aspects of PC security and maintenance so you don't have to.

Lockit 443)   Lockit 1.0
Lockit is a Cool Software for Locking your BMP, JPG, AVI, WAV and Mp3 Files.

Xizzo 444)   Xizzo 1.3
Xizzo is a secure password manager that protects data with Blowfish encryption.

Secure Disk Pro 445)   Secure Disk Pro 3.0
One of the world's best security and computer hard drives cleansing tools!

Key spyware 446)   Key spyware 1.855
an invisible surveillance tool that records every keystroke and user screen.

Advanced Office XP Password Recovery Pro 447)   Advanced Office XP Password Recovery Pro 2.42
Recover passwords for MS Office documents (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook etc).

File Wipe 448)   File Wipe 2.0
File destruction utility,Internet History cleaner, File cleaner

Folder Security Guard 449)   Folder Security Guard 3.0
Folder Security Guard allow You safe protect folders and data inside folders.

CryptoNote 450)   CryptoNote 2.1
CryptoNote Secure Email Utility, Encrypted Notes Keeper & Information Organizer

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