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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Top 351-400 Security & Privacy Programs     (from 3485 category titles)
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Quick Heal X-Gen 351)   Quick Heal X-Gen 7.01

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro 352)   Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro 5.0
Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro was specially developed for advanced users

XPCSpy Pro 353)   XPCSpy Pro 1.20
XPCSpy Pro is the most powerful surveillance and monitoring solution for home or office use

BlackICE PC Protection 3.5 354)   BlackICE PC Protection 3.5
BlackICE PC Protection delivers bulletproof intrusion detection and personal firewall protection to your PC

abylon LOGON 355)   abylon LOGON 5.6
Protect your computer with a smartcard or an USB-Token

UltraHide 356)   UltraHide 4.0
UltraHide can immediately hide window (s) without closing them; and can instantly display them at the proper time,It can hide any program or window (for example, the browser window)

1st Screen Lock 357)   1st Screen Lock 9.41
Lock your desktop with a password and spy on your PC users.

ComputerSafe 358)   ComputerSafe
All-In-One Security software, Protects files, Limits access, & Tracks activities

Spectre 359)   Spectre Spectre 1.3
computer tracking of children on the internet with snap shots

PSM Decryptor 360)   PSM Decryptor 1.0
Gorgeous graphical alternative to PSM Encryptor for decryption and keys.

WinDentify 361)   WinDentify 2.0
Windentify Beta Lite is a freeware voice biometric package.

WebPipe 362)   WebPipe 3.9 SR2
Off-line downloader (Web and FTP) and browser

SecurityPlus 363)   SecurityPlus 4.33
Powerful data encryption. encrypt files, file encryption, encrypt folders.

Alparysoft VideoLock for Webcam 364)   Alparysoft VideoLock for Webcam 1.0
Security system for PC recognizing computer owner.

Anti-Trojan 365)   Anti-Trojan 5.5.421
Anti-Trojan is a fast and reliable trojan remover which detects and deletes trojan horses using a portscan, registry- and diskscan

DefendGate Security Suite 366)   DefendGate Security Suite 4.1
Designed to provide your computer with comprehensive and superior protection against deadly worms, viruses, and other threats

TrustyDisk 367)   TrustyDisk
Real powerful disk encryption program to protect your private data.

HandyBits EasyCrypto Deluxe 5.5 368)   HandyBits EasyCrypto Deluxe 5.5
Strong encryption to encrypt both standalone files and entire folders

Spy Hunter - Spyware Remover 369)   Spy Hunter - Spyware Remover 2.8
SpyHunter is the latest in Spyware Detection and Removal. FREE DOWNLOAD AND SCAN

Password Tracker Deluxe 370)   Password Tracker Deluxe 3.63
Store your usernames and passwords securely on your computer.

Desktop Lock Express 371)   Desktop Lock Express 1.1
Lock your screen to prevent people from accessing your computer.

Irbis Firewall 372)   Irbis Firewall 1.5
A firewall/proxy application for protecting computers against network attacks

SecurDesk! 373)   SecurDesk! 5.32
Desktop security, access control, data protection, user-based restrictions, etc.

ZeroTracks 374)   ZeroTracks 1.2
Remove all traces of your computer usage and online Internet activities.

Hide Folder Flex 375)   Hide Folder Flex 1.12
Hide Folder Flex is an access control utility for Windows

Golden Keylogger 376)   Golden Keylogger 1.26
Protect your family with Golden Keylogger, the only family-friendly keylogger.

Advanced Stealth Email Redirector 377)   Advanced Stealth Email Redirector 6.5.2
Advanced SER enables to collect copies of the outgoing emails from the particular PC.

Cycle Password 378)   Cycle Password 1.0
Cycle Password -- A Windows NT Domain Password Change Utility

1st Security Agent 379)   1st Security Agent 9.41
Security utility to restrict access to key features of Windows

Genie 2013 380)   Genie 2013 1.16
Genie 2013 creates selfdecrypting archives and containers of your data.

Secure-It 381)   Secure-It 1.25
Secure-It is a Local Windows Security Hardening Tool, secure your PC.

Password Keeper 382)   Password Keeper 4.6
This simple program lets you store your various passwords, user ID's, etc.

Exe Guarder 383)   Exe Guarder 2.2975
Encrypt exe file and keep original exe structure unchanged. [ ]

Active Keylogger Home 384)   Active Keylogger Home
you want to know what others are doing on your own computer

AB Password Generator 385)   AB Password Generator 2.33
Generates one password or a list of passwords with length from 1-999 characters

UNA for Win32 386)   UNA for Win32 1.83
Ukrainian National Antivirus

Microsoft Sasser (A-E) Worm Removal Tool 387)   Microsoft Sasser (A-E) Worm Removal Tool 3.0
A situation has been identified where the Sasser.A or Sasser.B worms could have infected some systems before the application of MS04-011 [KB835732].

The Shield Pro AntiVirus & Firewall 388)   The Shield Pro AntiVirus & Firewall 2008.003
The Shield PRO 2007, AntiVirus Protection and Personal Firewall. - Free Updates

P-Encryption Lite 389)   P-Encryption Lite
P-Encyption Lite is a free program which allows you to encrypt your private files into one encrypted file(archive).

Crypter 390)   Crypter 1.1.2
Crypter, decryption, steganography, wizard, secure encryption, small size

Advanced Security Level 391)   Advanced Security Level 6.1
The Internet security, computer security and access control software!

Junk-Out for Outlook 2003/2002/2000 392)   Junk-Out for Outlook 2003/2002/2000 1.0
Junk Mail/Spam filter (Bayesian-based) for use with Microsoft Outlook 2002/2000

LAN ICU for IBM LAN Server 393)   LAN ICU for IBM LAN Server 1.40
Backup and Repairs IBM LAN Server and Warp Server Corruption

Remora USB File Guard 394)   Remora USB File Guard 1.4
Remora USB File Guard is designed to do file encryption and compression in your USB storage devices

IMSurfSentinel 395)   IMSurfSentinel 2005.5
Log instant messenger, browsers, keystrokes and screenshots

ABC Lock 396)   ABC Lock 1.6
Lock, hide, and password-protect your all private files and folders.

Panda Antivirus platinum 7 397)   Panda Antivirus platinum 7 7.06
The Antivirus solution for bussinesses and professionals.

Keylogger Express 398)   Keylogger Express 1.01
An easy to use utility to stealthily record every keystroke on your computer

RegFreeze 399)   RegFreeze 5.6
An effective solution to the spyware problem.

Private InfoKeeper Lite 400)   Private InfoKeeper Lite 2.45
Elegant, BEST featured, powerful and secure personal information manager

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