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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Top 1651-1700 Security & Privacy Programs     (from 3485 category titles)
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Peachtree Password Recovery 1651)   Peachtree Password Recovery 1.0d
Recovers lost or forgotten passwords for Peachtree Accounting company files.

Encrypt my Folder 1652)   Encrypt my Folder 1.2.0
Encrypt my Folder is a new folder password protected software

Word Password 1653)   Word Password 10.0.6745
Word Password recovers any Word password within a minute.

Employee Inspector 1654)   Employee Inspector 1.6
Monitors your employees: watches computer screens and analyzes internet usage

Access Password Recovery Pro 1655)   Access Password Recovery Pro 2.0.3
Access Password Recovery is a reliable master-key for all your Access documents.

CryptoExpert 2007 Lite 1656)   CryptoExpert 2007 Lite 7.1.1
On the fly hard drives encryption software - freeware.

UserGate 1657)   UserGate 4.1
Share your Internet connection, secure network and manage user access rights

CyberDefenderFREE 1658)   CyberDefenderFREE 2.0
CyberDefenderFREE zaps online threats faster, protecting against identity theft.

ES Kee Pass 1659)   ES Kee Pass 1.0.6
This utility manage passwords. It encrypt them with one secure master password.

OrgPassword 1660)   OrgPassword 3.1
OrgPassword is a competently organized keeper of passwords and personal data

SpyPal Spy Software 2007 1661)   SpyPal Spy Software 2007 4.6.1
Monitor employees, children, spouse and even criminals on your PC.

Win Guard Pro 1662)   Win Guard Pro 6.5.5
Password protect programs, windows, web pages and encrypt files and folders.

Keylogger Spy Monitor 2007 1663)   Keylogger Spy Monitor 2007 6.4.4
Best keylogger spy software that logs all keystrokes typed on a computer.

Material Spyware Remover 1664)   Material Spyware Remover 1.2.32
Easy Remove 100% of your spyware, adware, hijackers, keyloggers

Voip Communicator 1665)   Voip Communicator 4.2
Voip Communicator

Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk 1666)   Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk 2.0
Recover logon password in 3 easy steps with Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk.

1-2-3 Spyware Free Mobile 1667)   1-2-3 Spyware Free Mobile 4.5
Free mobile anti-spyware and antivirus solution with automatic online updates

Analyzer 3.0 Alpha 1668)   Analyzer 3.0 Alpha 3.0
Analyzer 3.0 Alpha - Sniffer

Protector Plus 2007 Antivirus-Japanese 1669)   Protector Plus 2007 Antivirus-Japanese 8.0.A03
Protector Plus 2007 is an anti-virus software (Japanese Version).

USB PC Lock Pro 1670)   USB PC Lock Pro 1.5
Use any USB device as key for your PC.

Amelix FCP 1671)   Amelix FCP 1.1
The quick encryption and decryption files of any type.

MS Word Split, Divide and Save Pages into Separate or Multiple Files Software 1672)   MS Word Split, Divide and Save Pages into Separate or Multiple Files Software 9.0
MS Word Split, Divide and Save Pages into Separate or Multiple Files Software

Windows Vista Keylogger 1673)   Windows Vista Keylogger
Keystroke logger software records every keyboard action into hidden log files

SafeCryptor 1674)   SafeCryptor 1.5
The encryption system where your own computer is your unique key.

Spy-Keylogger 1675)   Spy-Keylogger 1.31
Spy-Keylogger is utility that records ALL ascii keystrokes to special log files

PC Security Tweaker 1676)   PC Security Tweaker 9.41
PC security tweaking software you can use to tweak Windows-based computers.

Home CHAOS 1677)   Home CHAOS 3.5
Encrypt text files, programs and entire folders giving additional security to your information

1st Files Privacy Tool 1678)   1st Files Privacy Tool 2.4
This easy-to-use program allows you to protect your files and folders

CHAOS Universal 1679)   CHAOS Universal 6.2
An excellent Windows based steganography tool.

Password Protect Folders 1680)   Password Protect Folders 1.1
Password protect folders to make them private.

InfoSafe Plus 1681)   InfoSafe Plus 4.4.0
Secure information manager for passwords, logins, accounts. Encrypted, secure.

Folder Lock and Hide 1682)   Folder Lock and Hide 1.0.4
Lock your folders by making them appear as another part of your computer.

NoAdware - Spyware Adware Remover 1683)   NoAdware - Spyware Adware Remover 4.2
NoAdware - Anti-spyware and Adware Protection for your Computer. FREE DOWNLOAD

Folder Guard Classic Edition 1684)   Folder Guard Classic Edition 7.3
Powerful Security and Access Control Utility

Secure Password Manager 1685)   Secure Password Manager 2.15
Secure Password Manager- Passwords Management, Auto login, Random key Generator.

Armor2net Personal Firewall 1686)   Armor2net Personal Firewall 3.123
Personal firewall software protects your PC. stop pop-up,remove spyware

My Personal Favorites 1687)   My Personal Favorites 3.3
Create a private workspace -- keep your private web site preferences private.

Inspice Trace 1688)   Inspice Trace 4.1
A laptop tracking security software that protects data and laptop.

GSA AV Guard 1689)   GSA AV Guard 3.0.0
Audio and/or video monitoring with alert status over phone or modem

DVD Device Lock 1690)   DVD Device Lock 2.9
Hide or disable access to removable devices like CD, DVD, floppy, flash, USB.

Invisible Private Folder 1691)   Invisible Private Folder
Lock and Hide files from kids, friends and co-workers

Win_Shredder 1692)   Win_Shredder 2.01
WinShredder 2 - erase your internet history, permantently and easily delet files

PC Security Manager 1693)   PC Security Manager 1.4
PC Security Utility to manage windows security access settings

PC Sentinel Busted: Keylogger and Instant Message Monitor 1694)   PC Sentinel Busted: Keylogger and Instant Message Monitor 2.3.0
Monitoring & parental control software secretly records all activity online

.Net Licensing Pro 1695)   .Net Licensing Pro
100% .NET solution for licensing .NET controls and applications.

VBA Password 1696)   VBA Password 10.1.6805
Universal utility to recover lost or forgotten passwords to VBA modules.

!$ Free Spyware Adware Scanner and Remover 1697)   !$ Free Spyware Adware Scanner and Remover 3.0.1
Advanced spyware and adware detection, removal, and shielding application.

Excel Password 1698)   Excel Password 10.1.6805
Excel Password recovers any Excel password within a minute.

007 Agent Antispyware 1699)   007 Agent Antispyware
007/Agent Spyware is the newest in spyware technology today! Protect your PC.

East-Tec Eraser 2007 1700)   East-Tec Eraser 2007 8.5
Keep what you do on your computer to yourself! Protect your privacy and files!

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