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Sunday, 22 July 2018

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Pre-Book Server 1101)   Pre-Book Server 1.0
Built using Postgres Database. OpenSource windows client.

eFormX Kiosk Control 1102)   eFormX Kiosk Control 1.x
eFormX Kiosk Control used by Sybase (the 3rd largest Database Company in the World) gives you control over what applications can run on the Windows Desktop

Spyware Medic 1103)   Spyware Medic 1.0
Protect the privacy of your personal information by removing Spyware & Adware

Antispyware 1104)   Antispyware 2008.092
Anti-Spyware stops bug dead. It's like pesticide for your computer!

Lotus Organizer Password 1105)   Lotus Organizer Password 1.3
100% Recovers Lotus Organizer file passwords for all security levels

Power Spy 2007 1106)   Power Spy 2007 6.9.1
Monitor employees, children, spouse, and even criminals on your PC.

Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition - FREE 1107)   Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition - FREE
Detect and eliminate viruses, get free protection for home users.

Access Denied 1108)   Access Denied 3.40
Keep your computer out to unwanted access. Protect desktop and boot-up.

CDRom Watchdog 1109)   CDRom Watchdog 1.22
Do you want to make your CDROM/DVDROM more clever?

AVIRA Antivirus for Windows Desktop 1110)   AVIRA Antivirus for Windows Desktop
Detect and eliminate viruses, get protection for home and business users.

Password Protected Lock 1111)   Password Protected Lock 2.92
Secure your PC and protect your privacy with password protection!

ArovaxShield 1112)   ArovaxShield 1.1.93
Notifies you about all the Major online threats tried to penetrate your System

CHAOS Messenger 1113)   CHAOS Messenger 4.0
CHAOS Messenger is the utility program for safe distribution of the information.

ArtisanMX 1114)   ArtisanMX 1.4.1
Monitors, records up to 16 cameras in full version or 4 cameras in free version.

! HiBit Encoder 1115)   ! HiBit Encoder 2
price just 14$ Encrypt Encode lock files or partOfFiles or folder with password

Oubliette 1.29 1116)   Oubliette 1.29
Full-featured password manager, with source code

FlashDrive Crypto 1117)   FlashDrive Crypto 1.5
Easy-to-use, reliable, user-friendly and smart program encrypt removable Disk

DiskISE Security Suite 1118)   DiskISE Security Suite 1.0
Encrypt hard drives, shred files, clean history and wipe free space, all in one!

W32/Zotob Worm and its variants removal 1119)   W32/Zotob Worm and its variants removal 1.0
This virus removal tool will detect and remove W32/Zotob Worm and its variants.

Drive Blocker 1120)   Drive Blocker 1.0.0
Block & disable removable drives & disks. Stop data theft, unauthorized software

Antivirus & Firewall Pro Shield 1121)   Antivirus & Firewall Pro Shield 2009.133
The Shield Pro 2008 AntiVirus + Firewall - Complete Virus and Hacker Protection

Chaos Mash 1122)   Chaos Mash 1.0.001
Encrypt any sort of file on your computer

AutoKrypt 1123)   AutoKrypt 9.00
Automated Encryption and Decryption software. Run 1000+ tasks/day.

Digital Patrol 1124)   Digital Patrol 5.00.10
Download antivirus (anti trojan) with scanner and monitor.

Essential Security Suite 1125)   Essential Security Suite 2.0
Essential Security Suite provides peer to peer digital rights management (DRM), file encryption, digital signatures, secure file deletion and more

HB Crypt Source DLL 1126)   HB Crypt Source DLL 1.0
HB Crypt Source DLL features 12 cryptographic algo''s, compiled in C++

Icon Lock-iT XP 1127)   Icon Lock-iT XP 3.3
Icon Lock-iT XP, file encryption, desktop & iPod security, and data portability

True Eraser 1128)   True Eraser 1.0
TrueEraser allows you to remove sensitive data from your computer.

XLRSecTool for Linux 1129)   XLRSecTool for Linux 1.0
XLRSecTool helps in the process of creating certificates (RSA or DSA), and in signing documents (JAR and XLR formats), application, and applets

Process Master 1130)   Process Master 1.0
An advanced utility for hidden processes detection and killing.

Windows Password Recovery Software 1131)   Windows Password Recovery Software
Reveal reset Windows forgotten administrative password recovery software utility

BitDefender Antivirus 1132)   BitDefender Antivirus 10
Bitdefender Antivirus 2010 -3 Pc/1 Yr - Top Rated AntiVirus Worldwide!

SpyPal ICQ Messenger Spy 2008 1133)   SpyPal ICQ Messenger Spy 2008 5.6
Secretly record all ICQ Messenger incoming and outgoing messages.

Pandora PC Detective Web Spy 1134)   Pandora PC Detective Web Spy 2007
Record all secret passwords and monitor all computer and Internet activity.

Advanced File Protector 1135)   Advanced File Protector 2.2
Protect your files and privacy with the strongest encryption algorithms!

WinLock Professional 1136)   WinLock Professional 4.65
Powerful security solution.

Outlook Express Password 1137)   Outlook Express Password 1.3
Outlok Express Password recovers identities and e-mail accounts passwords

Password strength analyser and generator 1138)   Password strength analyser and generator 0.9
Password strength analyser and generator

SecExFile Home 1139)   SecExFile Home 1.1
SecExFile brings one-click file protection to the desktop.

ActMon Process Monitoring 1140)   ActMon Process Monitoring 1.00
Displays detailed information about all running processes, adware and spyware

COM+ Manager 1141)   COM+ Manager 1.14.040909
change and reporting tool for COM+/MTS/DCOM components

Hide Real IP 1142)   Hide Real IP 4.6
Hide IP address for anonymous Internet access.

Prevx CSI - FREE Malware Scanner 1143)   Prevx CSI - FREE Malware Scanner 1.0
Prevx CSI - FREE Malware Scanner – easy, fast and effective malware detection

Folder Shield 1144)   Folder Shield 1.2.7
Protect Your Important Files and Folders with Extra security.

Advanced Word 95 Password Recovery 1145)   Advanced Word 95 Password Recovery 1.20
Forgot your password required to open a document created in Microsoft Word 2

DiskLogon Lite 1146)   DiskLogon Lite 2.2
DiskLogon Lite, like a Smart Card logon, is a software that enables you to log on to your computer with a portable disk

Cynapse SafeKeys 1147)   Cynapse SafeKeys 1.0
Safekeys is an advanced password generator for generating secure keys, passwords

Dekart Private Disk 1148)   Dekart Private Disk 2.10
Powerful, reliable and flexible disk encryption program for Windows.

WebMail Spy 1149)   WebMail Spy 3.3
Record all email sent and received: ALL POP3/SMTP, AOL, and web based email!

StatWin Pro 1150)   StatWin Pro 8.1.7
Monitoring and reporting suite: reports all user actions!

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