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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Top 1001-1050 Security & Privacy Programs     (from 3485 category titles)
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ArtistScope CD 1001)   ArtistScope CD 2.0
For copy protection of content distributed by email, download or on CD

Hidden Cameras Lite 1002)   Hidden Cameras Lite 2.2
Software Hidden Cameras Lite is intended for observation over computers in a local network with simultaneous with or without tracking

Esp Vision 1003)   Esp Vision 5.02
ESP is powerful and can be used for monitoring children, students.. Anyone.

PC Tools AntiVirus 1004)   PC Tools AntiVirus 2.0
Anti-virus package designed to protect your computer from virus, worm and Trojan

Mydoom, Zindos, and Doomjuice Worm Removal Tool 1005)   Mydoom, Zindos, and Doomjuice Worm Removal Tool 4.0
This tool helps to remove the Mydoom

Secur-e-mail for Windows 1006)   Secur-e-mail for Windows 1.20
Fully automated, SSH enabled POP3 e-mail / login / password encryption utility.

DropCrypt 1007)   DropCrypt
DropCrypt is a file encryption system using 4 x 512bit encryption keys

Revealer Free Edition 1008)   Revealer Free Edition 1.2
Free and easy to use keylogger monitoring tool that logs every keystroke.

1 Registry Cleaner 1009)   1 Registry Cleaner 1.1
1 Registry Cleaner is a system optimization and registry cleaning software

Encrypt PDF (Secure PDF) 1010)   Encrypt PDF (Secure PDF) 2.3
Encrypt PDF software allows you to encrypt existing PDFs.

Privacy Defender 1011)   Privacy Defender 7.0.2t
Internet Vulnerability Profiling and Removing tool. Secure your online privacy.

Internet Explorer Password Recovery Master 1012)   Internet Explorer Password Recovery Master 1.4
Utility for watching and cleaning the secret data stored by Internet Explorer.

Keylogger Stopper 1013)   Keylogger Stopper 2
Keylogger Stopper is a sophisticated software to disable keylogger from working

CSSS 1014)   CSSS 2.2
Use your computer as a home or office security system! Remote listening!

IP Hider 1015)   IP Hider 2.9
IP Hider mask IP and clean online traces preventing Internet activity tracking

Super File Encryption 1016)   Super File Encryption 3.5
Protect your files and folders from unauthorized users.

Crypto4 Files 1017)   Crypto4 Files 2.1
Provide information security and integrity using PKI and digital certificates.

Keynesis Lockngo Professional 1018)   Keynesis Lockngo Professional 3.10
Encrypts and password protects USB flash drives and portable hard drives

Password Storage 1019)   Password Storage 1.9.1
The Password Storage is easy-to-use software which can keep your passwords

Stealth Activity Reporter 1020)   Stealth Activity Reporter 4.5
This is a monitoring tool for both networked and personal PCs

#1 Key logger 1021)   #1 Key logger 2.0
#1 Key logger is the popular monitoring software.

CodexTool 1022)   CodexTool 3.15.exe
The front line tool to protect your privacy and your e-privacy

Password Guru 1023)   Password Guru 1.0
PasswordsGuru is a powerful and convenient passwords and logins generator

Lock Files & Folders 2003 1024)   Lock Files & Folders 2003 1.4
Lock Files & Folders XP can lock entire folders or individual files with ease

Quick Keylogger 1025)   Quick Keylogger 2.1
Quick Keylogger - Perfect Invisible Family Keystroke Logger for PC surveillance!

MindSoft Secret Agent 1026)   MindSoft Secret Agent 1.2
Know what happens in your PC when you're not there

Privacy Defender - stop Spyware 1027)   Privacy Defender - stop Spyware 2005
Stop popups, adware, spyware and prevent identity theft with Privacy Defender

I-Cipher AP 1028)   I-Cipher AP 2.2.2
Extremely fast and reliable image file encryptor/decryptor with activity log.

Total Shield Tracks Cleaner 1029)   Total Shield Tracks Cleaner 1.60
Erase online and offline traces and protect privacy.

Desktop Orbiter 1030)   Desktop Orbiter 4.1
Remote desktop security and management

CHAOS Self Extractor 1031)   CHAOS Self Extractor 3.85
CHAOS Self Extractor helps you to create self-extracting archives.

xICE Desktop 1032)   xICE Desktop 1.0.16
Encrypts files, folders, and emails. Detects keyloggers.

Password Construction Kit 1033)   Password Construction Kit 2.1
Generate 1 to 50,000 unique fixed/random length passwords with masking

Phone Guardian 1034)   Phone Guardian 3.1
Secure, lock and trace your mobile and all data on it with Phone Guardian

2007 Antivirus Software 1035)   2007 Antivirus Software 9.8.7601
The Co 2007 provides complete protection from today's online threats.

PC Spy 1036)   PC Spy 1.20
PC Spy keylogger is a top-rated, easy-to-use tool that records every keystroke

AntiSpye 1037)   AntiSpye 1.00
This free utility will hide your screen from external eyes with mouse movement. Exe Password 1038) Exe Password 1.90
Add password to exe file and lock exe file. [ ]

AnVir Virus Destroyer 1039)   AnVir Virus Destroyer 5.4
Enhance XP or Vista. Get rid of spyware. Control processes, startup, HDD, CPU.

HandyBits VirusScan Integrator 5.5 1040)   HandyBits VirusScan Integrator 5.5
If you care of health of your files, this tool is for you

Xiaoli Encryption 1041)   Xiaoli Encryption 7.0 Build 0415
Xiaoli Encryption -- reliable and convenient encrpytion software for files and folders

PC-ENCRYPT for Files/Folders 1042)   PC-ENCRYPT for Files/Folders
Free, Simple, Strong, Universal, Fast File and Folder Encryption.

Advanced Office Key Recovery 1043)   Advanced Office Key Recovery 1.0
Advanced Office Key Recovery is a program to decrypt Word/Excel 97/2000 files that have file open protection set, as well as Word/Excel XP files with default encryption -- guaranteed, regardless the password length and complexity

Spyblocs 1044)   Spyblocs 6.0
Scans Memory, Windows Registry and All Drive for Dangerous Spyware infections

CHAOS Shredder 1045)   CHAOS Shredder 2.4
CHAOS Shredder will completely erase files from your disk.

Prisma Firewall 1046)   Prisma Firewall 1.0.PR
Prisma Firewall - the professional firewall solution, offers you a stealth Internet experience and protects your computer against intruders

Advanced Intuit Password Recovery 1047)   Advanced Intuit Password Recovery 1.34
A program to recover passwords for Quicken, Quicken Lawyer and QuickBooks files.

GFI LANguard System Integrity Monitor 1048)   GFI LANguard System Integrity Monitor 1.0

Purge-it 1049)   Purge-it 1.21
Purge-It Windows 9.x Anti Trojan and Backdoor Freeware.

Private Encryptor 1050)   Private Encryptor 6.2
Utilize the latest in encryption technology to protect your sensitive files.

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