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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Top 951-1000 Security & Privacy Programs     (from 3485 category titles)
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Mobile Spy 951)   Mobile Spy 2.0
Silently record SMS and call details of your smartphone. View results online.

AVG Anti-Virus Professional Edition 952)   AVG Anti-Virus Professional Edition 7.5.503a1171
Protect your computer from viruses and malicious programs.

System Care Center 953)   System Care Center 5.0
System Care Center - Start to enjoy in a truly clean and fast, like new PC

FREE CompuSec® PC Security Suite 954)   FREE CompuSec® PC Security Suite 4.18.6
Protects PC, Pre-boot authentication, encrypts full HD, floppy & USB drive

TouchLocker 955)   TouchLocker 1.0.3
When you leave the computer, it will lock your mouse and keyboard automatically.

@KeyLogger Home 956)   @KeyLogger Home 2.0.2
@KeyLogger Home helps you to monitor how your computer has been used while you are away, get know how your children use home computer or track employees'' work time activity

CD-DVD Lock 957)   CD-DVD Lock 2.9
Hide your devices from viewing or lock access to them

Pod Secret 958)   Pod Secret 1.0.1
Pod Secret allows one to store encrypted notes, etc. on portable device.

SecretsSaver 959)   SecretsSaver 3.05
Protect sensitive data from insiders.Preventing employee data leakage and theft.

Private Eye 2004 960)   Private Eye 2004 1.4
Stay informed about what happens on your computer at home or work.

File Own Guard 961)   File Own Guard 2.1
Swift Strong file and folder Encryption and Secure Data Remover (Shredder).

SnoopFree Privacy Shield 962)   SnoopFree Privacy Shield 1.0.2
Stop keyloggers and snoop-ware with this privacy firewall for Windows XP.

CleverCrypt Enhanced 963)   CleverCrypt Enhanced 1.7
Affordable Military Grade 1280 Bit Encryption Software!

Transparent Screen Lock PRO for WinNT/2000/XP/2003 964)   Transparent Screen Lock PRO for WinNT/2000/XP/2003 4.50
Password protect your workstation or server while viewing programs in background

Website Blocker 965)   Website Blocker 1.2.0
Block or allow access to selected websites

Encrypt & Decrypt PDF 966)   Encrypt & Decrypt PDF 1.00
Allow you to Encrypt and Decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files in batch mode

Audio Zone Trigger 967)   Audio Zone Trigger 1.2
User-friendly sound detection system, security, house automation, monitoring.

AVIRA Webmin Remote Panel  1.3 968)   AVIRA Webmin Remote Panel 1.3 1.3
Webmin module, acting as remote management tool for AVIRA antivirus products.

HTML Password Encryption 969)   HTML Password Encryption 4.20.02
Password protect HTML pages, encrypt website, hide html source code.

ZipWorx SecureSFX 970)   ZipWorx SecureSFX 3.0
ZipWorx SecureSFX v3 - The Ultimate ZIP Self-Extracting Build Utility Toolkit

Scan Spyware 971)   Scan Spyware
The best solution for providing a 100% protection against most of the spywares and malicious software running on your computer, stealing your personal information and showing you annoying Popups, Advertisments and making your computer slower day by day.

VirIT eXplorer Lite for Win NT/2000/XP 972)   VirIT eXplorer Lite for Win NT/2000/XP 5.1.94
Scan your computer for virus, worm, trojan, backdoor, dialer,BHO, spyware, adware, malware software

Advanced Word 97 Password Recovery 973)   Advanced Word 97 Password Recovery 1.31
Utility for recovering a lost Word 97 password

Multi Virus Cleaner 2006 974)   Multi Virus Cleaner 2006 6.4.0
stand-alone utility used to detect and remove major viruses

Rising Antivirus 2007 975)   Rising Antivirus 2007 19.50.00
Provides extensive and continuous protection for your home and office computers.

AV Firewall 2007 provides essential virus protection for viruses,hackers,etc.

CryptoExpert Express 977)   CryptoExpert Express 2.1
Easy to use on-the-fly encryption software

Harden-It 978)   Harden-It 1.2
Harden-It 1.1 Windows Security Hardening Tool harden your IP Stack & Local Syste

PrimaSoft Encryption - Service Edition 979)   PrimaSoft Encryption - Service Edition 1.0
Encryption software: run scheduled encryption, decryption sessions as a service.

Max Secure Spyware Detector 980)   Max Secure Spyware Detector
Scans, Detects, Deletes Spyware, Malware giving you safe browsing experience

pclxav 981)   pclxav 6.0_0303
advaned anti trojan virus tool,anti spy,adware tool

Executable Vaccine 982)   Executable Vaccine 4.0
Executable Vaccine protects your PC by acting as an executable file filter.

Folder Password Protect 983)   Folder Password Protect 2.8
Software to password-protect folders on FAT32 and NTFS drives.

Password Fortress 984)   Password Fortress 1.01
Password Fortress is a secure password and private information management tool.

Computer Security 985)   Computer Security 1.5
Keep your computer's content protected! Hide or shred files, lock applications.

Max Secure Spyware Detector - Enterprise 986)   Max Secure Spyware Detector - Enterprise 5.0
Complete Network Spyware Detection, Removal and Protection.

WinZit! 987)   WinZit! 1.3.10
WinZit!® is a easy-to-use cryptographic / compression / decompression utility.

Credit Card Knight 988)   Credit Card Knight 1.3
Prevent your credit card data from being stolen

LCP 989)   LCP 5.04
Password auditing and recovery tool for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.

pc spyware doctor 990)   pc spyware doctor 3.2
PC Spyware Doctor is a top-rated malware & spyware removal utility that detects, removes and protects your PC from thousands of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, spybots and tracking threats

FineCrypt PE 8.0 991)   FineCrypt PE 8.0
Create encrypted self-extracting archives which can be decrypted without having to use the program

Micro Antivirus 992)   Micro Antivirus 2007.54
Detecst and Removes Viruses, worms, and other malware from your computer

DCS NetConceal Anonymizer 993)   DCS NetConceal Anonymizer
Stay anonymous with the worlds most trusted anonymizer software

007 Proxy Finder Enterprise Edition 994)   007 Proxy Finder Enterprise Edition 2.20
10000 Fresh public free proxies server find from web updated daily.

Blaiz Enterprises - Secure Message 995)   Blaiz Enterprises - Secure Message 1.00.293
Quick, strong encryption (private password) for plain text, AOL compatible, auto

AVG AntiVirus Free 996)   AVG AntiVirus Free 7.336
AVG AntiVirus offers maximum virus protection, product customization, and free virus database updates and technical support

Port Flash 997)   Port Flash 3.0
PortFlash is the affordable, easy-to-use TCP/IP port scanner tool for network administrators and computer security professionals

DataLock 998)   DataLock 1.0
Easy file - folder Security with DataLock.

ClamAV For Windows 999)   ClamAV For Windows 0.88-2
An open source command line anti-virus scanner for Windows

aPrivacy 1000)   aPrivacy 1.0
A safe and easy-to-use privacy protection tool

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