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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

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Chinese Purple Star Astrology 1)   Chinese Purple Star Astrology 1.2
Discover Your Destiny, Wealth, Love, Career, Health, Children, Parents, etc.

Horoscope Explorer 2)   Horoscope Explorer 3.26
The Largest selling Indian Vedic astrology software in many languages.

Muhurta Explorer 3)   Muhurta Explorer 1.2
Indian Vedic Electional Astrology Software -The right time to do the right thing

Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation V1.0 4)   Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation V1.0
"Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation V1.0" is the first Quran Software in India.

Powerbacks Christian Sampler 5)   Powerbacks Christian Sampler 2006
30 Free licensed Christian templates from the acclaimed Powerbacks collection.

Learn Telepathy 6)   Learn Telepathy 1.0
Learn Telepathy- first results after the first training. Good result in 3 months

Qur'an Viewer (Koran) 7)   Qur'an Viewer (Koran) 2.9
Multi-Lingual Quran software supporting Plug-in languages (upto 17 translations)

AstroWin CE Expert Edition 8)   AstroWin CE Expert Edition 2.2
AstroWin CE is a full-featured astrological program.

King James Dictionary 9)   King James Dictionary 2.07
King James Bible Archaic Word Dictionary

Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.1 (Pdf) 10)   Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.1 (Pdf) 1.08
Nature of the self to the origin of the universe.

BiblePromise 11)   BiblePromise 2.2
BiblePromise : Scripture verses for your Daily Bread

What The Bible Says About 12)   What The Bible Says About 1.03
What The Bible Says About... - Study tool

Salaat Time 13)   Salaat Time 1.9
FREE Muslim Prayer Time / Athan / Qiblah Direction / Hijri Calendar application

IP Guest List Manager 14)   IP Guest List Manager 1.01
Wedding Guest List Management Software.

MB Free Numerology Software 15)   MB Free Numerology Software 1.20
This software enables a person to calculate his/her "Name & Birth Number"

Free Daily Horoscope 16)   Free Daily Horoscope 1.0
What is your horoscope? Find out by downloading this daily horoscope program.

Bible Verse 17)   Bible Verse 2.1
Walk with God daily by reading His words daily.

Visual Illustrations 18)   Visual Illustrations 2.2
Computerized book of magical Christian object lessons, children sermons, puzzles

MB Free Astro Compatibility Test Software 19)   MB Free Astro Compatibility Test Software 1.85
MB Free Astro Compatibility Test is a relationship compatibilitity software

Christian Daily Devotional eBook 20)   Christian Daily Devotional eBook 2.0
A wonderful Christian daily devotional eBook that you are sure to love

MB Free Chakras Software 21)   MB Free Chakras Software 1.50
This is a great tool for examining your inner self and understand your chakras.

Easy Church Membership 22)   Easy Church Membership 4.0
Easy Church Membership is to maintain a database of church families and members

Free Teen Bible Browser 23)   Free Teen Bible Browser 1.6.4
A cool Bible tool for Teens. Hip buttons, stylish text. Easy.

Talisman Creator 24)   Talisman Creator 1.0
The program we've created is the only product, which allows you to create cabbalistic talismans in binary form

IP Wedding Planner 25)   IP Wedding Planner 1.01
Wedding Planner Software.

SubliminalEzy Light 26)   SubliminalEzy Light 10000.1
FREE subliminal messaging software. Choose from over 70 prewritten categories

Tao Screen Saver 27)   Tao Screen Saver 2.0
Quotes and images of the Tao; related to I-Ching and loosely to Zen

Bible Code Oracle 28)   Bible Code Oracle 1.8
Search and Match the Bible Code

Oracle of the Runes 29)   Oracle of the Runes 4.0
Consult the ancient runic oracle bu casting the rune stones.

Astrology 30)   Astrology 1.00
A brand new astrology browser giving you all the latest astrology information

Numerology Explorer 31)   Numerology Explorer 2.0
Numerology Explorer is the most comprehensive and attractive Numerology software

SwordSearcher Bible Software 32)   SwordSearcher Bible Software
Bible search and study software with unrivaled searching power and unique tools.

Foreshowing - Biorhythms Calculator 33)   Foreshowing - Biorhythms Calculator 1.02
Biorhythms and biorhythmical compatibility calculator.

Scripture Scholar 34)   Scripture Scholar 5.09
Bible question and answer game.

Change7 Tarot 35)   Change7 Tarot 1.02
Customizable Tarot Readings using Crowley's cards

Foreshowing - Tarot Cards Reading 36)   Foreshowing - Tarot Cards Reading 1.00
Tarot cards reading and divination system.

Easy Sunday School Planner 37)   Easy Sunday School Planner 4.0
A gift to all of the many teachers who teach Sunday School.

IP Wedding Diary 38)   IP Wedding Diary 1.01
Wedding Diary Software.

Talisman Creator Pro 39)   Talisman Creator Pro 1.0
Compact and very powerful program for creating talismans using one of the best algorithms- Solomon's algorithm

prayer mill 40)   prayer mill 1.0
tibetan prayer mill simulator

Free Bible Study - Add Any Texts 41)   Free Bible Study - Add Any Texts 1.2.6
Free Bible Study - Add Any Text - Includes Bibles and Resources.

Bible Collection Plus 42)   Bible Collection Plus 1.0
Note cards with quotes from the Bible plus planner, formatted and ready to use.

Free Baby Boomer Bible Browser 43)   Free Baby Boomer Bible Browser 1.5.4
An elegant Bible tool for Baby Boomers. Big buttons, big text. Simple.

ServiceBuilder 44)   ServiceBuilder 4.60112b
Finally, Everything you need! to organize music pastors & worship leaders!

Daily Astrology Explorer 45)   Daily Astrology Explorer 1
Indian Vedic astrology for everyday life. Day analysis in many categories.

LifeAnswers 46)   LifeAnswers 9.477
Your FREE Numerology Reading is based on the Numerological aspects listed below.

Media Library Catalog 47)   Media Library Catalog 7.5
A church library can enter and maintain all of the information for any resource

MB Free Astrology Kundali Match 48)   MB Free Astrology Kundali Match 1.10
This is an effective and an advanced Vedic astrological match making tool.

Da Vinci Code generator 49)   Da Vinci Code generator 1.0
Program for generating Da Vinci Code. Freeware!

BiblePro 50)   BiblePro 12.11
Study 43 Bibles with 1mil. refs, 250,000 commentaties

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