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Friday, 20 July 2018

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KarVid 1)   KarVid 3.3
search and replace utility (regular expressions support)

World Cup 2006 Tournament Calendar 2)   World Cup 2006 Tournament Calendar 1.3
The match schedule for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany

Living Cookbook 3)   Living Cookbook v1.3
Cooking and recipe management sofware

Chords 4)   Chords 1.0
Get the chords and guitar tabs for any song automatically, right inside Winamp!

Kintecus 5)   Kintecus 3.82
Run chemical kinetics of combustion, catalyst reactor, and enzyme reactions

MusicGoals Demo 6)   MusicGoals Demo 1.5
ear training, sight reading, and music theory for piano, guitar, and strings

Astrology Prophet Pro Directions (D) 7)   Astrology Prophet Pro Directions (D) 2.0
astrology, prophecy, future analyze, prediction, forecast, biorhythms

Collector's Gateway-(Yugioh) 8)   Collector's Gateway-(Yugioh) 1.2.0
Software to manage your Yugioh collection.

World Coins Explorer 9)   World Coins Explorer 1.0
Coin Inventory program with market prices, auction search and full US catalogue

HealthWatch Pro 10)   HealthWatch Pro 2.2
Calculate and track growth percentiles, BMI, and more. Print CDC growth charts.

MR Fast Clock for Windows 11)   MR Fast Clock for Windows 2.0.0
A digital Fast Clock program for scale model railroad operations.

21 Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires 12)   21 Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires 1.0
The common principles and practices of all men and women who become millionaires

Horoscopes 2006 13)   Horoscopes 2006
Horoscopes 2006, create amazing PERSONALISED GIFTS everytime!

Nicht vergessen 14)   Nicht vergessen 4.10
Mit diesem Kalender verwalten Sie Ihre Termine direkt auf dem Desktop.

PC Weather Machine 15)   PC Weather Machine 1.2.3
An integrated virtual Weather Station

NuMorse 16)   NuMorse 1.91
Morse code trainer for Windows, useful to Novice and Expert. Can use soundcard.

InfoMagic 17)   InfoMagic 3.2
A Personal Memory Aid & Organizer for People Who Hate to Organize - Recall Facts

LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Thai for Pocket PC 18)   LingvoSoft Dictionary English <-> Thai for Pocket PC 2.7.28
Lingvosoft Dictionary for Pocket PC holds about 400.000 words/phrases.

Handicap Manager for Excel 19)   Handicap Manager for Excel 4.0
Golf Handicapping Software for Microsoft Excel

TargetExpress 20)   TargetExpress 3.02
Over 500 pistol and rifle targets designed for printing from your computer.

Free E-Metronome 21)   Free E-Metronome 1.1
Free metronome for PC

Guitar chords laboratory 22)   Guitar chords laboratory 1.53
Guitar tuning, guitar chords guidance, chord transposing, Left-handed guitar

TattooMeNow 23)   TattooMeNow 4.307
Tattoo Me Now ! Thousands of Tattoo Designs !

Lap Timer 2000 24)   Lap Timer 2000 6.0
Try this free slot car lap counter and timer

Tournament Scheduler Pro 25)   Tournament Scheduler Pro 5.0
Create Tournament Brackets for Single & Double Elim, Pool Play & Round-Robin.

Shop'NCook Shopping List & Recipe Manager 26)   Shop'NCook Shopping List & Recipe Manager 3.1
Make grocery lists in seconds by clicking on items or adding from recipes.

Professional League 27)   Professional League 4.31
League manager and statistics program. Can track own and professional leagues.

Magic Smiley Collection for PostSmile 28)   Magic Smiley Collection for PostSmile 1.0
Make your email messages and web-forum postings mysterious and enigmatic!

My Voice Diary 29)   My Voice Diary 1.6
My Voice Diary can let you keep a encrypted voice diary or journal on your PC.

Coin Organizer Deluxe 30)   Coin Organizer Deluxe 2.5
Organize and manage your coin collections.

Money Organizer Deluxe 31)   Money Organizer Deluxe 2.5
Organize bank accounts, investments, web finance information.

FairBot 32)   FairBot 1.4
Provides an enhanced betting interface to the leading Betting Exchange, Betfair

Data Master 2000 33)   Data Master 2000
Automation of measurement systems, data acquisition, processing, analysis

My Diary 34)   My Diary 8.0
This is the perfect free computer program for anyone who want's a diary.

Movie Organizer 35)   Movie Organizer 3.6
Organize and manage your movie collections.

KeyboardLocker 36)   KeyboardLocker 2.4
Disables keyboard until exit phrase entered, mouse remains active

Easycab Pro Builder 37)   Easycab Pro Builder 7.0.0
Woodworking program for designing cabinets.

LingvoSoft Gold Dictionary English <-> Vietnamese for Windows 38)   LingvoSoft Gold Dictionary English <-> Vietnamese for Windows 2.1.28
Lingvosoft Dictionary for Windows holds about 360.000 words/phrases.

Heybaby (For PocketPC) 39)   Heybaby (For PocketPC) 2.5
Baby on the way? Track your preganancy with Heybaby, plus MUCH more.

Stamp Organizer Deluxe 40)   Stamp Organizer Deluxe 2.5
Organize and manage your stamp collections.

Home Brew Kit Master 41)   Home Brew Kit Master 1.2
Record details of your home brews, print reports, tips, taste sheets

Collectibles Catalog 42)   Collectibles Catalog 5.1
Store information about your different types of collectibles.

World Football Statistics 43)   World Football Statistics 2.1
WFS is an excellent soccer statistics program

Collector's Gateway-(MTG) 44)   Collector's Gateway-(MTG) 1.2.0
Software to manage your MTG collection.

Joke eBook 45)   Joke eBook 1.0
FREE electronic book with jokes.

Bundesliga Statistics in Excel (Season 2005-06) 46)   Bundesliga Statistics in Excel (Season 2005-06) 1.0
This is a file for MS Excel. It consists of all matches of the season 2005-06

Music Organizer Deluxe 47)   Music Organizer Deluxe 3.0
Organize and manage your music collections.

CATraxx 48)   CATraxx 8.31.04
Powerful music organizer database to help to catalog your music collection.

Birthday Keeper 49)   Birthday Keeper 7.0.2
Birthday Keeper will remind you of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.

4WomenOnly 50)   4WomenOnly 5.7
The most powerful system for monitoring women's health

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