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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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Mystery Case Files: Huntsville (Mac) 1)   Mystery Case Files: Huntsville (Mac) 1.0
Become a famous detective in this addictive brain teaser

Custom Radio for Grand Theft Auto 3 (GTA III) 2)   Custom Radio for Grand Theft Auto 3 (GTA III) 1.0
Import your own MP3 playlists into Grand Theft Auto III

Backyard Soccer 3)   Backyard Soccer 2004
It's time to head out to the field for another round of soccer action with the backyard kids and actual professional players as kids.

WarCraft III 1.03 Patch 4)   WarCraft III 1.03 Patch
This patch contains various data and code updates necessary for play on Battle

Onefog Desktop Shooter 5)   Onefog Desktop Shooter 1.0
Shoot your desktop, icons and documents!

Freddi Fish 4 - Case of Hogfish Rustlers of Briny 6)   Freddi Fish 4 - Case of Hogfish Rustlers of Briny
Freddi's cousin Calico Catfish has invited Freddi Fish and Luther to visit her hogfish ranch at the world's first underwater Wild West town Briny Gulch.

Islands Mini Golf 7)   Islands Mini Golf 1.3.2
Islands Mini golf is a full-blown 3D game with a total of 90 colorful mini-golf holes, each located in a unique paradisiac tropical island.

Tonka Construction 8)   Tonka Construction 2
Take charge of 12 different heavy-duty Tonka trucks as you help Tonka Joe build a city pave desert roads design a snow-capped mountain resort or dig in a quarry to discover valuable treasures.

Brain Train Age 9)   Brain Train Age 5.0.24
Train your brain on your PC to improve your brain age with simple, fun exercises

Spray Paint 10)   Spray Paint 1.0
Watch as your computer screen is vandalized -- safely of course!

Orneta Chess for Smartphone 2002 11)   Orneta Chess for Smartphone 2002 1.1.4
Orneta Chess is the classic strategy game of Chess for Windows Mobile Smartphone

Chutes and Ladders 12)   Chutes and Ladders
Children will jump ahead on ladders and slide back down the chutes on three different game boards.

Trivial Pursuit Unhinged 13)   Trivial Pursuit Unhinged
Playing the new version of the world's most popular trivia game is a wild free for all.

Kasparov Chessmate 14)   Kasparov Chessmate
Kasparov Chessmate is an exciting simulation chess game.

Candy Land Adventure 15)   Candy Land Adventure
King Kandy has been kidnapped by that mischievous Lord Licorice and that means trouble for candy lovers everywhere.

Monopoly Junior 16)   Monopoly Junior
See the best selling junior board game come to life in a fabulous environment with spectacular animation and great characters.

Powerslide 17)   Powerslide
The year is 2020.

My Free Mahjong 18)   My Free Mahjong 3.2
My Free Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game for centuries!

Backyard Basketball 19)   Backyard Basketball
Do you have what it takes to pound the boards and charge the net? Here's your chance to find out.

Putt Putt Saves the Zoo 20)   Putt Putt Saves the Zoo
Putt Putt and Pep need help to reunite the little ones with their parents before Outback Al can open the gates to the zoo.

Centipede 21)   Centipede
You play Wally an ordinary person who must defend his village against the onslaught of centipedes as well spiders army ants fleas and scorpions.

Clue - Murder at Boddy Mansion 22)   Clue - Murder at Boddy Mansion

Maze Maker 23)   Maze Maker 2.0
This free program will create a limitless variety of maze puzzles.

Drum online machine 24)   Drum online machine 09.06
Drum machine online game

Saturday Night Speedway 25)   Saturday Night Speedway
Get behind the wheel of the fastest and most dangerous dirt track vehicles in the world with the next generation of dirt track racing from Ratbag the developer behind Dirt Track Racing and World of Outlaws Sprintcars.

Mahjong: Journey of Enlightement 26)   Mahjong: Journey of Enlightement 1.0
Unique and challenging Mahjong game, unlock it's secrets and become enlightened

Good Old Sudoku 27)   Good Old Sudoku 1.0
Sudoku - most popular Japanese style logic puzzle with simple rules.

Snowy: Treasure Hunter 2 28)   Snowy: Treasure Hunter 2 1.0
Play Free Snowy: Treasure Hunter 2 Online Game

PacMan Adventures 3D 29)   PacMan Adventures 3D 2.04
PacMan Adventures 3D is a modern remake of classic arcade game Pac Man.

3D Online Chess 30)   3D Online Chess 1.01
It features polished 2D/3D graphics and realistic sound effect.

100% Free Chess Board Game for Windows 31)   100% Free Chess Board Game for Windows 7.30
The King of All Chess Games!

ScrabbleScam 32)   ScrabbleScam 1.3
Show all possible moves in a game of Scrabble in order of points scored

Pajama Sam's Sock Works 33)   Pajama Sam's Sock Works
Controlling the Sock-O-Matic may seem easy at first but just wait.

Bonbon Quest 34)   Bonbon Quest 1.1
Help Artemus and Hannah to get the candies, but beware of Halloween creatures!

PoolSharks 35)   PoolSharks 1.0
PoolSharks - Play Online Pool and Snooker games. Realistic 3D game. Free!

Atlantis Quest 36)   Atlantis Quest 1.0
Are you ready for an exciting quest of adventure and discovery?

Meteor (Low-res Palm) 37)   Meteor (Low-res Palm) 1.03
Addictive space breakout for Palm OS 5 Low-Res (160x160) devices such as Treo 600, Zire 31

Handheld Quake 38)   Handheld Quake 6.1
Handheld Quake is a simulator of soviet, russian and foreign handheld games.

XO 39)   XO 9.1.0
The XO plays classic and non-classic board games.

Street Legal Racing Redline 40)   Street Legal Racing Redline
The streets come alive after the sun goes down and you're behind the wheel of a high octane super charged import that takes no prisoners.

Hypervisual Century 41)   Hypervisual Century 1.10
A realistic slot machine with three reels, three paylines, reel lock and more

Guitar chords 42)   Guitar chords 2.2
Guitar Chords is a free software with over 40000 basic and advance guitar chords

Galactic Dream 43)   Galactic Dream 1.1
3D RTS space-game Galactic Dream

BabyPiano 44)   BabyPiano 1.10
This is a good program to entertain your kids by using computer keyboard

Rhiannon's Realm Celtic Mahjongg Solitaire Mac Ver 45)   Rhiannon's Realm Celtic Mahjongg Solitaire Mac Ver 1.1.1
Mahjongg Solitaire with a Celtic Twist.

xGomoku for Pocket PC 46)   xGomoku for Pocket PC 1.1
Play Gomoku - simple and addictive ancient asia's game.

T-Minus Baseball Countdown 47)   T-Minus Baseball Countdown 6.0
Looking forward to the game? Whether it's a Little League game or the World Series, now you can count down to the opening pitch!

The Omega Syndrome 48)   The Omega Syndrome 2.20
A Role Playing Game set in the 1950's with guns, government agents and aliens!

Feed My Sheep 49)   Feed My Sheep 1.00
Delightful, colorful Bible word game for the entire family

Metronome for speed reading 50)   Metronome for speed reading 2.1
Metronome for reading. Metronome help to speed read

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