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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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ColorTetris 1)   ColorTetris 1.8
ColorTetris is a little more than just Tetris. It also includes Pentix, and more

Classic Tetris 2)   Classic Tetris 2.1
Classic Tetris is a popular falling blocks puzzle game. It is addicting game.

TetriBox (PalmOS) 3)   TetriBox (PalmOS) 1.0
Packs 18 HiRes tetris-like games, many new and all are just amazing!

Classical Block 4)   Classical Block 3.00
Play a classical Tetris game with Anti-boss, music and skins.

Cutetrix 5)   Cutetrix 1.2
Cutetrix is a bright, cheerful, and unbelievably addictive Tetris-like game.

AG :: Abudefduf - EleFun Game 6)   AG :: Abudefduf - EleFun Game 1.11
Animated Tetris ::Abudefduf will surprise you with interactive gameplay

FirmTools Hexis 7)   FirmTools Hexis 1.1
Hexagonal tetris-like game

X98: X-Mess 8)   X98: X-Mess 1.2
Match falling 2x2 objects together to make them disappear.

Valhalla Blocks 9)   Valhalla Blocks 2.53
Eight tetris like games in one package. Best for tetris fans.

TwinTrix 10)   TwinTrix 1.02
Twintrix is inspired by the Atari classic Klatrix and is mix of Klax & Tetris.

Tet XP 11)   Tet XP 2.2
Destroy rows of blocks in this completely unique Tetris remake with bonuses!

Global Tetris 12)   Global Tetris 2.1
Global Tetris consists of five various tetris games. Five games in one!

Hangtris 13)   Hangtris 5.1
Tetris game with mirror function, fast move and bombs. 12 levels free!

Chat Watch Software 14)   Chat Watch Software 1.0
Monitor both sides of Internet chats on ICQ, AOL, MSN, and Yahoo.

Collex Amanda 15)   Collex Amanda 2.3
Collex Amanda is a Windows Puzzle / Arcade game. Similar to Kye and Soko.

Freetrix 16)   Freetrix 1.4
Freetrix is a bright, cheerful, and unbelievably addictive Tetris-like game.

Sudoktress 17)   Sudoktress 1.4
Addictive game that combines aspects of Sudoku & Tetris to for a unique, exciting gaming experience

Pentix 18)   Pentix 1.4
Pentix is advanced version of popular falling blocks game Classic Tetris.

Aamazing KaaBlitz Crossword 19)   Aamazing KaaBlitz Crossword 1.0
KaaBlitz Crossword! is an exciting new product that allows you to easily add cr

Collapse-O-Mania 20)   Collapse-O-Mania 1.0
Score points by clicking and thus collapsing like-colored clusters of bricks !

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