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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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3D Judo Fighting 1)   3D Judo Fighting 1.11
The first pc game for the judo sport

Dream Match Tennis 2)   Dream Match Tennis 1.04
Dream Match Tennis is the most realistic 3D tennis game.

Super Soccer Manager 3)   Super Soccer Manager 2005
Super Soccer Manager is a soccer (football) management game.

Deluxe Ski Jump 3 4)   Deluxe Ski Jump 3 1.4.0
Jump the furthest distance in this addictive 3D ski jumping game.

FIFA 5)   FIFA 2004
Bring the world of FIFA 2004 to your PC with this demo of the popular soccer game from EA Sports

Golden Fairway Fx Golf Game 6)   Golden Fairway Fx Golf Game 1.0
3D Multiplayer Online Golf

3D Live Snooker 7)   3D Live Snooker 2.69
3d live snooker simulates snooker with full 3d environment and perfect 3d sound

3D Live Pool 8)   3D Live Pool 2.69
3d live pool is a comprehensive pool game with full 3d environment.

Tips and Traps 9)   Tips and Traps v1.00
3D greyhound racing! Buy, train, bet and race your dogs to success!

DDD Pool 10)   DDD Pool 1.2
Highly addictive pool simulation with cutting edge 3D graphics & smooth gameplay

FIFA 2003 11)   FIFA 2003
Bring the world of FIFA 2003 to your PC with this demo of the popular soccer game from EA Sports

Billiard Deluxe 12)   Billiard Deluxe 1.0
Billard Deluxe: Pool-Varianten, Snooker, Russisches Billard, Carambolage.

Football Squares 13)   Football Squares 2004
Classic Football Squares pool on computer instead of cardboard with animations

iPool 14)   iPool 1.7.01
Online pool game, 8-Ball & 9-Ball, Prized Tournaments every few hours

PureSim Baseball 2005 15)   PureSim Baseball 2005 6
PureSim Is a GM Oriented Baseball Simulation. Create your own dynasty.

Team Manager 2005 16)   Team Manager 2005 1.1
Play the latest Football Manager challenge with Team Manager 2005.

Stunt Racer 3D 17)   Stunt Racer 3D 0.68
Outrageous stunt-biking in real-time 3D!

World Class Bowling 18)   World Class Bowling
World Class Bowling offers action-packed addictive game play and dazzling 3-D graphics.

iSnooker 19)   iSnooker 1.7.01
Online snooker game, 2D/3D, Prized Tournaments every few hours

PlaceforGames: Tactical Soccer 20)   PlaceforGames: Tactical Soccer v1.00
3D Soccer strategy game. Coach your team to glory!

Digi Pool 21)   Digi Pool 1.02
Digi Pool is a cross between billiards, mini golf and an arcade puzzler.

Bet Arbitrage Calculator 22)   Bet Arbitrage Calculator 1.0
Calculates sure bets, including back/lay bets.

Out of the Park Baseball 23)   Out of the Park Baseball 6.11
OOTP6 is the newest version of the award-winning baseball simulation.

Bowling Blast 24)   Bowling Blast 1.0
Cool and Addictive Bowling Game for all ages!

Pool House 25)   Pool House 1.0
Pool House - snooker, 8-ball, Russian, American Pyramid and other kinds!

Baseball Stats 26)   Baseball Stats 1.2
Everything you wanted to know, and even information you didn't know you needed t

Cue Master Gold 27)   Cue Master Gold 1
Experience the most realistic pool available

Minigolf Master 28)   Minigolf Master 2
Mini Golf Master 2 allows you to play mini-golf in a 3-D world on 18 beautifully themed courses.

IngenPool 29)   IngenPool 2.2
Pool & Billiard tournament manager- Full reports- Web publishing- Calcutta

Links 2003 30)   Links 2003
The most realistic golf sim available

Golf Score Wizard PRO 31)   Golf Score Wizard PRO 1.01
Golf Score Wizard is an easy to use score card, drive and putt tracker.

3D Darts Professional 32)   3D Darts Professional 2.15
Realistic dart simulation lets you compete with friends or computer opponents.

Mini Golf Skins 33)   Mini Golf Skins 1.0
A miniature golf game where cheating is the only way to win.

Dirt Bike 4.4 34)   Dirt Bike 4.4
A motorcycle simulation game

Inside the Park Baseball 35)   Inside the Park Baseball 1.03
MLB role-playing game that lets YOU become a professional baseball player

3D WW 04 36)   3D WW 04 1.0
21 Camera Angles (6 Bowler/9 Batsman and Fielder)

Rapid Gunner 37)   Rapid Gunner
RAPID GUNNER is a simulator of shooting at targets with pistols.

Fantasy Football Assistant 38)   Fantasy Football Assistant 2001
Software to run a fantasy football league. Many user defined options.

Double Top (Deutsch) 39)   Double Top (Deutsch)

technical drawing puzzle 40)   technical drawing puzzle 3
Try to restore the initial 3D projection at  2D projections. 

Chapay Chi  Free 41)   Chapay Chi Free 1.0
Pass through a campaign and flick off all opponents' draughts

Daisy Reversi 42)   Daisy Reversi 3.1
Intelligent computer opponent for the ancient board game Reversi (Othello).

Dan Gordon’s NFL Handicapping Companion 43)   Dan Gordon’s NFL Handicapping Companion 1.0
Automatic updates of NFL Football handicapping data from the Web, auto-download of subjective adjustments by one of the 3 top handicappers and the ability to experiment with changes to the calculations and assumptions

Let's Go Bowling 44)   Let's Go Bowling 1.1
Arcade-style bowling with wacky 3D characters and environments

SlapShot Air Hockey 45)   SlapShot Air Hockey 1.0
Fun and addictive AirHockey game with a twist, pickups and double puck mode.

NBA Inside Drive 2000 46)   NBA Inside Drive 2000
The most intense and exciting basketball you've ever played

LeagueGen 47)   LeagueGen
LeagueGen software enables you to process results of sporting fixtures and compile league and result tables. Compiled tables can be sorted by goals, points, results and others giving a fantastic selection of statistics..

NFL Office Pool 48)   NFL Office Pool
Create and Print NFL Games Office Pools

BetBug 49)   BetBug
Software that you download to search for and bet on the best odds on the net

MultiBowl Challenge 50)   MultiBowl Challenge 1.0
Feel soccer thrill and score the goal of the year! Free to try

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