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Friday, 20 July 2018

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Windows Longhorn Bootscreen 1)   Windows Longhorn Bootscreen 1.0
Windows Longhorn boot screen

Yin Yang Bootscreen 2)   Yin Yang Bootscreen 1.0
Chinese Yin Yang Symbols portraid on a matrix background

BootXP 3)   BootXP 2.50
An easy to use startup logo changer

Bluish Windows Bootscreen 4)   Bluish Windows Bootscreen 1.0
This bootscreen is based on the Windows XP wall wallpaper created by zishin

AIB Artificial Intelligence Being 2003 5)   AIB Artificial Intelligence Being 2003 2.0
Chatterbot with Speech Recognition and Text-To-Speech Synthesis

Logon Loader 6)   Logon Loader 2.1
Logon Loader makes the task of swaping logon screens easy.

Stealth Folder Hide XP 7)   Stealth Folder Hide XP 9.3
Hide any folder on your PC and password protect it.

CoolCap 8)   CoolCap
Create screeb shoots, view images, browse galery, High color icons, Image editor

WorldClock 9)   WorldClock 3.1.6
Shows you the time in different time zones, and synchronizes with atomic clocks

UberIcon 10)   UberIcon 1.0.2
A plugin-based program that adds special effects to Explorer and the Desktop.

RocketDock 11)   RocketDock 1.1.3
A Skinable application launcher that Resembles the Mac OSX Dock.

Download a new wallpaper automatically every day

Boring XP Bootscreen 13)   Boring XP Bootscreen 1.0
Boring XP

Desktop Lunar Calendar 14)   Desktop Lunar Calendar 1.61
Desktop Lunar Calendar is simple, fun and easy to use calendar, download now!

Tie Fighter Screen Saver 15)   Tie Fighter Screen Saver 1.0
This animated screensaver features the famous tie fighter of star wars

Clock Tray Skins 16)   Clock Tray Skins 3.91
Clock Tray Skins is the advanced replacement for Windows tray clock with Skins.

Screen Booty 17)   Screen Booty 1.1
Create custom Windows screens with Screen Booty and transform your boring default screens

Alarmbelle 18)   Alarmbelle 1.0
PC alarm clock with stopwatch, timer and metric conversion

Weather Globe 19)   Weather Globe 1.2
Real time global weather on your desktop

Desktop Clock Christmas Edition 20)   Desktop Clock Christmas Edition 3.5.1
Desktop Clock is a digital desktop clock that displays time, date and calendar.

PalmaryClock for Treo 600/650 21)   PalmaryClock for Treo 600/650 3.2.1
Palmary Clock is a customozable alarm clock with skin and background support.

Chimer by Blaiz Enterprises 22)   Chimer by Blaiz Enterprises 2.00.290
FREE - See and hear time through antique Chimer. A clock with all the flavours

Parallels Workstation for Windows 23)   Parallels Workstation for Windows 2.0
Use multiple operating systems simultaneously on one physical machine

Amelix Icon Manager 24)   Amelix Icon Manager 2.4
Automatic restoration of desktop icons after change screen resolution.

Global Time Synchronizer 25)   Global Time Synchronizer 1.0
versatile time keeping tool that has many features and faces.

AltSwitch 26)   AltSwitch 1.1
Fast and stylish Alt-Tab replacement with task previews and skin support.

Chronos 27)   Chronos 3.8
Get unlimited alarms, timers and stopwatches in your Pocket PC

UK Local Directory Screensaver 28)   UK Local Directory Screensaver 1.2
UK Local Business Directory

Wallpaper Sequencer Ultra 29)   Wallpaper Sequencer Ultra 4.62
New, more powerful wallpaper manager with desktop clock skins.

QText 30)   QText 1.10 (beta 1)
Saving notes.

Doshometer 31)   Doshometer 1.0
A fun Windows program which tracks much money you're earning, second-by-second.

Analog Clock 32)   Analog Clock 1.0.1
Realtime Analog Clock, set as your wallpaper

Rohos Welcome 33)   Rohos Welcome 1.6
Rohos reduces security risks and enhances your flexibility for Windows login.

TopDrop 34)   TopDrop 1.48
Apache Web Log analysis, Image Resizing, Speak Text and More

Clock Digital 35)   Clock Digital 1.2
This program displays the current date and time in a large easy to read display.

PalmaryClock 36)   PalmaryClock 3.4
Palmary Clock is a full-featured clock with skin and background support.

Shortcut's Twister 37)   Shortcut's Twister 1.02
Shortcut's Twister quickly helps to create many shortcuts in computer.

Desktop Clock Valentine's Edition 38)   Desktop Clock Valentine's Edition 3.6.1
Desktop Clock is a digital desktop clock that displays time, date and calendar.

Dedupe Software Screensaver 39)   Dedupe Software Screensaver 2.0
Listing the latest deduplication / dedupe software - reviewed and rated

Alarm Notes 40)   Alarm Notes 2.0
With Alarm Notes you never have to miss an important appointment again!

Desktop Randomizer 41)   Desktop Randomizer 2.0
The easy way to manage and randomize your Wallpapers and Screen Savers!

Software Brat Clipboard Utility 42)   Software Brat Clipboard Utility
Software Brat Clipboard Utility keeps multiple clipboard items for use by user

Wallpaper Engine 43)   Wallpaper Engine 1.0
The system performs desktop wallpaper searches in various search engines.

NewStartMenu 44)   NewStartMenu 1.0
NewStartMenu can replace your start menu with your own menu, it is easy to use!

Zigzag Cleaner 45)   Zigzag Cleaner 1.00
Hide open windows. Just make a quick Z with your mouse.

Sumka QPL 46)   Sumka QPL
Quick program launcher with addition abilities

Clock Analog 47)   Clock Analog 2.1
This program displays the current time in a large easy to read display.

DeskMarker 48)   DeskMarker 1.9.7
Desk Marker allows to draw on windows with different pensize and color.

DataFavorites1.0 49)   DataFavorites1.0
DataFavorites is a utility for storing frequently used database queries in the system tray.

Silver in Stall 50)   Silver in Stall 1.5
Not organized. Then this free program is just right for you !

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