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Monday, 16 July 2018

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Audio WASP 251)   Audio WASP 1.0.0 b1
Caption audio or video and publish on the web with Real, Windows, or QuickTime

JavaScript OpeningDoor PopMenu 252)   JavaScript OpeningDoor PopMenu 1.0
Creates professional menus with opening door effects for web pages.

JavaScript Inset PopMenu 253)   JavaScript Inset PopMenu 1.0
Creates professional menus with inset effects for web pages.

AdSenseLog 254)   AdSenseLog 3.0.1
Automatically check, analyze and graph your Adsense statistics.

Secure Image Free 255)   Secure Image Free 2.2
Copy protect the images on your web site using image encryption and domain lock

Easy HTML To Any Script Converter 256)   Easy HTML To Any Script Converter 1.4.1
Converts HTML Files and Blocks to any Script, encrypts email addresses.

Sothink SWF Quicker 257)   Sothink SWF Quicker 5.1
Top Flash editor & Flash Maker. Make Flash from scratch or edit an existing SWF.

Job2C 258)   Job2C 4.0
A FULL featured, COMPLETE automated, HIGH quality Employment/Recruitment system

Online Announcer 259)   Online Announcer 1.0
Versatile solution for managing online events.

Flipz IV Flash 260)   Flipz IV Flash 1
Free desktop software with 10 characters automatic lip-synching Flash web ready

Tristana Writer 261)   Tristana Writer 1.0
Create and edit RSS or Atom feeds

HTML Map Designer Pro 262)   HTML Map Designer Pro 2.23
Create HTML Image Maps of any shape in just a few clicks

Web Designers Toolkit 2003 263)   Web Designers Toolkit 2003 1.0.40
Professional JavaScript and Applet Authoring Tools for Web Designers.

Count Traffica 264)   Count Traffica
A Windows - based program that examines a Web Site Access Log and produces text and graph output summarizing the activity

Reallusion CrazyTalk Web Edition 265)   Reallusion CrazyTalk Web Edition 3.5
Make images on your web talk by adding voice with synchronized lip movement.

Magic Matching Color 266)   Magic Matching Color 1.1
The program suggests six matching colors for use on your web site.

Meta Tags Retriever 267)   Meta Tags Retriever 1.1
Retrieve meta tags from other websites.

Applet Glide Navigation Pro 2005 268)   Applet Glide Navigation Pro 2005 1.0
Create professional navigation applet for web pages just in minutes! WYSIWYG

ActionScrambler 269)   ActionScrambler 1.0
Easily protect your Flash Actionscript code from peering eyes.

CodeThatPacker 270)   CodeThatPacker 2.1
CodeThatPacker is a powerful JavaScript compression utility.

microOLAP dbExpress driver for MySQL 271)   microOLAP dbExpress driver for MySQL 1.0
dbExpress Borland Delphi/C++Builder driver for MySQL with the highest performance. microOLAP dbExpress driver for MySQL (DBX4MySQL) is an independent library that implements the common dbExpress interfaces for processing queries, without any third-party libraries and intermediate layers like BDE, ADO or ODBC. As data-access layer thin and simple, dbExpress (and implicitly DBX4MySQL) provides high performance database connectivity and is easy to deploy.

Live Site 272)   Live Site 2.011
Free video chat support software for your site. New ActiveX Version 2.0!

6sense.com Java Applets 2.5 273)   6sense.com Java Applets 2.5
Get 13 java applets

LinkSpirit 274)   LinkSpirit 1.27
Shows the PageRank distribution into your site's pages

Web Log Suite 275)   Web Log Suite 4.04
Generate detailed reports from raw log. Analyzes most popular log file formats.

CompTIA Exams from Real-Questions.com 276)   CompTIA Exams from Real-Questions.com 9.1
CompTIA certification, CompTIA certifications, CompTIA training, CompTIA braindumps, CompTIA training certification, CompTIA certificate, CompTIA test, CompTIA course, CompTIA certification exam, CompTIA exam

Digi.Lite 277)   Digi.Lite 1.0
WYSIWYG Editor [on-line web html editor] Digi.Lite

RSS News Fetch 278)   RSS News Fetch 40430-0950
This small script will fetch X number of items from an RSS feed and display ...

w3 I.D.E. NexGen Edition 279)   w3 I.D.E. NexGen Edition 2.0.2
Build and publish your website with ease using w3 I.D.E.

Link Exchange Manager 280)   Link Exchange Manager
Download SEO tool to check back links at publisher site according to user list

CSE HTML Validator Professional 281)   CSE HTML Validator Professional 8.04
Offline HTML, XHTML, CSS, accessibility, and link checker with editor

HTML Text Extractor 282)   HTML Text Extractor 1.5
Simply extract HTML and Text from any webpage, even protected pages

SuperWin 283)   SuperWin 1.0
SuperWin Pop-Up Window Kit.

HelpdeskCustomerSupport 284)   HelpdeskCustomerSupport helpdeskin
HelpdeskCustomerSupport webbased HelpDesk Customer Support FAQ knowledge

Search Engine Plus 285)   Search Engine Plus 23.04.04
A flexible Web based search engine for csv format database file

Baby ASP Web Server 286)   Baby ASP Web Server 2.2
Quick and Easy Web Server with support for ASP, SSL, Cookie, Session, Form etc

XFlows (for Windows) 287)   XFlows (for Windows) 2
XFlows is an XML and XSLT integrated solution, it helps you to create complex scenarios, transforming a set of files with XSLT, publishing your result into a remote server, exporting and importing data from your database using XML Files

Want to convert a typical 500k HTML file to a 6k HTML file, and protect it?

AliveChat 289)   AliveChat 3.4.0
AliveChat allows you to connect with your web site visitors via browser chat.

CoffeeCup Marquee Wizard 290)   CoffeeCup Marquee Wizard 3.5
Anyone can easily create smooth-scrolling Java banners

PageDesigner 291)   PageDesigner 5.7.1
The designer "Michael" is intended for creation, editing, study of pages.

Diesel Job Site 292)   Diesel Job Site 1.4
This script allows job seekers to post their resumes and search job postings...

Cromas xml menu 293)   Cromas xml menu 1.0
Flash menu, can be cofigured by editing a config file

CapeSoft Email Server 294)   CapeSoft Email Server 3.02
Email Server with free upgrades and unlimited users for $39. Business or home.

ViArt Shop 295)   ViArt Shop 2.1.5
Customizable Ecommerce PHP shopping cart with shopping Portal extension

Bash HTML Editor 296)   Bash HTML Editor 4.1
The HTML editor for people who hand-code their pages, yet want to do it faster and better

TYPSoft FTP Server 1.03 297)   TYPSoft FTP Server 1.03
A great ftp server for beginers or advanced users

Cute Editor for ASP.NET 298)   Cute Editor for ASP.NET 6.0
Cute Editor - The Most Powerful ASP.NET WYSIWYG HTML Editor

PhotoShare 299)   PhotoShare 1.0
Display and work with slide and photo presentations.

WSOP 300)   WSOP 2.0
Check consistency of your website. Find bottlenecks in loading of page elements.

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