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Friday, 20 July 2018

Top 101-150 Web Development Programs     (from 3929 category titles)
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DHE Editor Site Builder 101)   DHE Editor Site Builder 2.8
DHE Editor the Fast and Simple WYSIWYG WEB Editor!

Google Index Notification 102)   Google Index Notification 1.0
The google index notification tool lets you keep track of what pages google is i

DWebPro 103)   DWebPro 8.4.0
DWebPro is a stand-alone web-server with CGI, PHP/MySQL, SMTP Server on CD.

Forum Promotion Suite 104)   Forum Promotion Suite 2.0
Promote your website or product in online message boards

A3DStitcher 105)   A3DStitcher 1.0
A3D Stitcher software for stitching pictures into high quality 3D Panoramas

Intellyweb 106)   Intellyweb
Create your own multiple page websites by yourself with this easy to use program

KeyWord Generator lite 107)   KeyWord Generator lite 1.0.0
KeyWord generator is free powerfull tool to generate keywords and save them.

DIP Update 108)   DIP Update 31124-2104
This free Dynamic IP Direct script automates the process of updating an ever...

Lanap BotDetect ASP CAPTCHA 109)   Lanap BotDetect ASP CAPTCHA
ASP CAPTCHA control to prevent automated registrations (spambot) on your website

EditiX (for Windows) 110)   EditiX (for Windows) 3.0
EditiX is an XML editor and XSLT debugger for Windows,Linux and Mac OS X designed to help web authors and web application programmers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as XSLT / FO, DocBook and XSD Schemas

CreationWeb Business Edition 111)   CreationWeb Business Edition 1.0
So easy, anyone can create their own website with this step-by-step software.

Web Buttons 112)   Web Buttons 3.0.5
Create beautiful web buttons without photoshopping and coding!

Art HTML Listing 113)   Art HTML Listing 3.27
Make filtered, sorted, fully customizable directory listings/menus in [D]HTML

Web.Config Editor 114)   Web.Config Editor 2.0
Hunter Stone's WCE is a tool to make management of ASP

CSS Navbar 115)   CSS Navbar 1.0
CSS NavBar With Custom Cursor

Mihov Active 800x600 116)   Mihov Active 800x600 3.0
The program resizes any program window to desired size.

AlterWind Log Analyzer Standard 117)   AlterWind Log Analyzer Standard 4.0
Analyze web server logs and view web site usage reports with a touch of style!

2D/3D Horizontal Bar Graph for PHP 118)   2D/3D Horizontal Bar Graph for PHP 4.6
Easily add dynamic horizontal bar graphs to PHP apps & web pages. Try for free.

DzSoft PHP Editor 119)   DzSoft PHP Editor
Comfortable and powerful tool for writing and testing PHP scripts and HTML pages

Netxpression Webinar Builder 120)   Netxpression Webinar Builder 3.7.5
Build Your Own Web Presentations in just minutes with NetXpression.

JavaScript ProgressBarClock 121)   JavaScript ProgressBarClock 1.0
Display current time as progress bar on web pages.

EZGenerator Websitebuilder 122)   EZGenerator Websitebuilder
EZGenerator Websitebuilder is an easy to use but powerful website building tool that allows you to make your own website & website structure based on graphical templates

Yaldex JSFactory Pro 3.3 123)   Yaldex JSFactory Pro 3.3 3.3
It's the best JavaScript editor for beginners and professionals

WebKit Advanced 124)   WebKit Advanced 1.3
Instantly Creates Professional Looking Websites With No HTML Knowledge Required

dbQwikSite E-Commerce Edition 125)   dbQwikSite E-Commerce Edition 4.1
dbQwikSite: Create E-commerce Sites, Catalogs & Lists from Database in Seconds

CodeThatCalendar JavaScript Calendar 126)   CodeThatCalendar JavaScript Calendar 3.2.1
DHTML calendar enables to easy select the date/time in the web form

PipeBoost 127)   PipeBoost 2.2.226
HTTP Compression Software for Microsoft IIS 4.0, 5.x, 6.0.

Statistics Counter Service 128)   Statistics Counter Service 2.4.1
Statistics Counter Service is a complete real-time counter hosting tool.

EngInSite CSS Editor 129)   EngInSite CSS Editor 1.2
CSS Editor will help you to work with CSS in a fast and convenient manner

PeddleGold 130)   PeddleGold 3.2
PeddleGold :: Instant e-commerce storefront. Host anywhere. Credit card ready.

Picture Protect 131)   Picture Protect 1.0
Free software to keep people from stealing your pictures.

RSS DreamFeeder 132)   RSS DreamFeeder 1.0.4
RSS DreamFeeder is an extension for Dreamweaver MX, MX2004, and Dreamweeaver 8 that allows you to automatically create RSS feeds from your existing web content and publish them on your website

ASPPhotoResizer 133)   ASPPhotoResizer 1.0
ASP component to resize JPEG images. Saves to disk or streams to the browser.

WebSizer 134)   WebSizer 2.5.24
WebSizer optimises server based Websites for mobile terminal

Javascript PopupTip Builder 135)   Javascript PopupTip Builder 1.0
Add pop tip bar to your web page

JavaScript Wave Text Effect 136)   JavaScript Wave Text Effect 1.0
Displays wavy text on web pages. It is copy-and-paste ready script.

PAD Site Kit 137)   PAD Site Kit 2.00.09
A free PAD enabled PHP / MySQL shareware download site kit.

XML to Excel Convert Software 138)   XML to Excel Convert Software 7.0
Convert XML to Excel table by two XML tags as row and column headers.

InternetNotePad! 139)   InternetNotePad! 1.5
Notepad program that edits directly on your web server!

Alpha Five 140)   Alpha Five 7.0
Ease of Use, Build powerful web & desktop databases easily

Expand Menu Studio 141)   Expand Menu Studio 2.2
Expand Menu Studio creates professional, cross-browser web menus in seconds

XmlValidator 142)   XmlValidator 0.9
Free command-line program that checks your XML document is valid according to a DTD.

timp 143)   timp 1.0.2
Programmable Instant Messaging Platform based on Jabber running on Windows

Koala HTML 144)   Koala HTML 1.0.5
Need a quick and easy way to create web pages? Look no further than Koala HTML.

Ektron eWebEditPro 145)   Ektron eWebEditPro 4.2
The world's leading browser-based, WYSIWYG HTML editor.

File Service Extension for IIS 146)   File Service Extension for IIS 1.0
Enhances IIS with anti-leech,concurrent connections from same IP limit,real-time connections monitor,custom directory browsing page

Trouts GIF Optimizer 147)   Trouts GIF Optimizer 2.3
Drag-and-drop graphics files to create optimized GIFs. Supports animated GIFs.

NewsMaker 148)   NewsMaker
Smooth-Scrolling Text Display Applet with Background Image Support

foldertree 149)   foldertree 5.10
A Javascript utility for displaying tree and cascading menus

HTMLPad 2006 Pro 150)   HTMLPad 2006 Pro 7.3
Quick, easy to use, powerful HTML, XHTML, CSS and script editor

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