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Friday, 20 July 2018

Top 1201-1250 Web Development Programs     (from 3929 category titles)
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www-Sharp.Runtime 1201)   www-Sharp.Runtime 1.40
In-process web-server with support for PHP, ASP.Net, ISAPI

Bible in One Year 1202)   Bible in One Year 50303-1645
Another script for your church site: this allows your congregation to read t...

Just Banners 1203)   Just Banners 4.01
Create animated banners with text, graphics and skinned Window controls!

TrafficSeeker - Lite Free Edition 1204)   TrafficSeeker - Lite Free Edition 7.0
TrafficSeeker Lite -Free Edition engine submission and optimization software

1-2-3 WebPassword 1205)   1-2-3 WebPassword 6.0.922
Protect your web pages with a password. Easy as 1-2-3. Strong protection.

Encrypt HTML source 1206)   Encrypt HTML source 2.03
Encrypt HTML,password protect,ASP,Javascript,VBScript,CSS.Web image protection.

AeroTags Flash Design 1207)   AeroTags Flash Design 1.0
Original logos and menus made in Macromedia Flash.

Visual Form Mail 1208)   Visual Form Mail 1.6
Create powerful/secure scripts to process HTML forms without programming

Password Page Protection Software 1209)   Password Page Protection Software 1.0
Easily add password protection to a web page, secure and reliable.

Circle-U 1210)   Circle-U 1.0
Circle-U v1.0 is a circular navigation menu.

FraudLabs Credit Card Fraud Detection (Desktop Application) 1211)   FraudLabs Credit Card Fraud Detection (Desktop Application) 2.0
FraudLabs Desktop detects credit card fraud transactions using Windows GUI.

Pad XML Extractor Software 1212)   Pad XML Extractor Software 3.0.6
Pad XML extractor tool extract all Useful information from online XML websites

MapKeyboard 1213)   MapKeyboard 1.0
Freeware to remap the keys on your keyboard

Animated Chart 1214)   Animated Chart 2.2
Powerful tool for creating professional charts in Flash and image formats

Sothink DHTML Menu Suite 1215)   Sothink DHTML Menu Suite 6.4
Get DHTML tree-like menu or drop-down menu without writing JavaScript code.

Easy Uploader 1216)   Easy Uploader 1.2.1
PHP uploading form Generator

Live Theater 1217)   Live Theater 1.21
Playerless streaming video server.94%audience and 100%success. Free software!

HTMLConvert 1218)   HTMLConvert 2.3.2

Tiny Banner Network 1219)   Tiny Banner Network 1.0
Tiny Banner Network is a banner rotation software for webmasters

JavaScript Coder 1220)   JavaScript Coder 1.1.3
Develop rock-solid forms, cool popups, amazing buttons and more - in minutes

easy2email ASP Email Component 1221)   easy2email ASP Email Component
Easy-to-use ASP/ASP.NET email component to effortlessly mail from web pages.

Text2Web Pro 1222)   Text2Web Pro 2.3.1
Converts your text documents to web pages in a flash.

DataNet MKII 1223)   DataNet MKII 1.23
A user-friendly, yet powerfull Telnet Server that runs on Windows systems

CNStats Free 1224)   CNStats Free 2.5
CNStats is a system for web-sites statistics accumulation and analysis.

Yaldex JSFactory Pro 3.2 1225)   Yaldex JSFactory Pro 3.2 3.2
It’s the best JavaScript editor for beginners and professionals

AbelCam 1226)   AbelCam 3.2.3
Webcam Server with PTZ support for more than 2000 devices. Webserver included.

NTK HTML Builder 1227)   NTK HTML Builder 1.5
NTK HTML Builder builds your HTML Website from your Microsoft Excel workbook or Access database or other data source in a few clicks away

Site Map for Zen Cart - Zen Cart Module 1228)   Site Map for Zen Cart - Zen Cart Module 1.0
Site Map for Zen Cart - Zen Cart Module

1st Simple HTML Editor 1229)   1st Simple HTML Editor 2.1.6
A text-based HTML editor. Generating HTML pages with repeating codes.

Traffic Log 1230)   Traffic Log 1.0
Traffic Log is a web statistics script.

Rocket Pinger 1231)   Rocket Pinger 1.5
Drive Instant Massive Traffic To Your Sites The FREE and Easy Way!

e-Data Collection 1232)   e-Data Collection 3.0
Full-featured survey system for ASP.NET that's also affordable.

Cute Live Support 1233)   Cute Live Support 3.1
Cute live support is a real-time online chat support based on AJAX technology.

WMS Log Analizer 1234)   WMS Log Analizer 1.21
Log Analyzer for Windows Media Services server log files.

CSS Scrollbar Color Designer 1235)   CSS Scrollbar Color Designer 3
Create stunning CSS scrollbar color themes for Internet Explorer and Opera fast

Zen Cart All-in-One Product Feeds 1236)   Zen Cart All-in-One Product Feeds 10.7.6
Zen Cart All-in-One Product Feeds by MagneticOne

XML Sitemap for CRE Loaded - CRE Loaded 1237)   XML Sitemap for CRE Loaded - CRE Loaded 2.0
XML Sitemap for CRE Loaded - CRE Loaded module

Zen Cart Google Checkout Level 1 1238)   Zen Cart Google Checkout Level 1 3.0
Zen Cart Google Checkout payment module is designed to be used with Zen Cart.

AxScripter 1239)   AxScripter 1.1.4
AxScripter is an Active script debugger, including Vbscript and Javascript.

Infinite Menus 1240)   Infinite Menus 10.4
Visually create lightweight, fast loading, cross browser menus with ease.

XML Menu Builder (No-Cost License) 1241)   XML Menu Builder (No-Cost License) 1.0
Build web menus using XML for data and CSS for look and feel.

Fast Directory Submitter 1242)   Fast Directory Submitter 1.0
One way link building tool for submission of the site to web directories

Cool Color Picker 1243)   Cool Color Picker 1.10
Cool Color Picker help you pick color anywhere on the screen

Pixel Menu XML 1244)   Pixel Menu XML 1.0
Pixel Menu XML if a free flash menu, very easy to use.

Site Content Analyzer 1245)   Site Content Analyzer 2.1
Analyze keyword weight, density and relevance with this handy application.

Web Directory 1246)   Web Directory 1.0
Web Directory - Get easy access to a human edited web directory.

Portello Online SiteEditor 1247)   Portello Online SiteEditor 1.05.0039
A plug-in to Internet Explorer that makes your web page editable online.

Perl Builder 1248)   Perl Builder 2.0k
Perl Builder is a complete development tool for perl and cgi.

PHP Cleaner 1249)   PHP Cleaner 1.0
This little script removes the PHP line brakes you find in PHP source code

JChat IM Suite 1250)   JChat IM Suite 2.0
A PHP and MySQL based Instant Messenger for your website.

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