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Sunday, 15 July 2018

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WinArranger Free 1)   WinArranger Free 1.11
Arrange windows on your computer screen in the most optimal way

TaskSwitchXP Pro 2)   TaskSwitchXP Pro 2.09
TaskSwitchXP is an advanced replacement for the standard Windows Alt-Tab dialog.

Vista Start Menu 3)   Vista Start Menu 3.6
A superior alternative to the Start menu. Start working with pleasure!

ActiveXperts Scripting Toolkit 4)   ActiveXperts Scripting Toolkit 2.1
Call a VBScript function directly from your application without invoking WSH

PS Tray Factory 5)   PS Tray Factory 3.2
Hide,sort,restore system tray icons and easily manage them with PS Tray Factory

PropertyEditor 6)   PropertyEditor 4.11
Configure a great number of properties for the selected file, folder or drive

Display Resolution Manager 7)   Display Resolution Manager 3.7
Let each user have own screen resolution, brightness and color settings.

TrayLink 8)   TrayLink 3.20
TrayLink is a powerful alternative to the Windows start menu.

Start Menu Fast 9)   Start Menu Fast 1.5
Start Menu Fast can help you find programs in the Start Menu.

EscapeClose Pro 10)   EscapeClose Pro 1.9
The utility, allowing you to close the active window by pressing the Esc button.

TrayThis 11)   TrayThis 3.5
TrayThis is a user-friendly shareware taskbar management tool. Through user-defined rules, TrayThis can perform certain actions on any running application window or notification icon.

Handy Folders 12)   Handy Folders
Pick a short way to a folder you need and save time!

PromptPal 13)   PromptPal
Eliminate the frustrations of the Command Prompt with a modern command line tool

Extension Copy 14)   Extension Copy 2.3085
Allows you to batch copy or delete your interested files and folders.

ShellSearch 15)   ShellSearch 3.0
Find misplaced shortcuts in several of Windows common shell locations fast.

Actual Window Menu 16)   Actual Window Menu 6.0
Discover new abilities of common system window menu - forget about windows mess!

Auslogics Visual Styler 17)   Auslogics Visual Styler 3.1.13
Liven up your PC with incredible icon packs, visual styles and wallpapers.

mobile2server troubleshooter 18)   mobile2server troubleshooter 1.0
connect remote server through mobile phone. Require J2ME and ssh on server

Start Menu Tuner 19)   Start Menu Tuner 1.47
Change the order of Start Menu Programs.

PlacesBar Constructor 20)   PlacesBar Constructor 1.2
Customize the shortcuts in the placebar on the left side of dialogs window

CDBF Shell 21)   CDBF Shell 1.11
CDBF Shell extension allows you to view content or structure of DBF files.

FolderHighlight 22)   FolderHighlight 1.1
Never lose your folder with FolderHighlight

LinkChanger 23)   LinkChanger 1.0
Makes replacing in groups of Windows Links(*.lnk) information like: Path,Args...

Open+ Expert 24)   Open+ Expert 2.1
Open+ -- Open files your way - not the Windows way!

Pocket Text Editor 25)   Pocket Text Editor 1.3
This is simple multipage pocket text editor.

FirmTools ShellExtension 26)   FirmTools ShellExtension 2.0
FirmTools ShellExtension Picture Viewer

Windows Manager 27)   Windows Manager 2.3
Program to read/set position, text, hiding, active state & many more via handle

Folder Marker (Changes Folder Icons) 28)   Folder Marker (Changes Folder Icons) 1.3
Lets you change folder icon (mark folder) with color-coded and image-coded icon.

PS Hot Folders 29)   PS Hot Folders 2.2
Fast access to MRU and your favourite folders within Open/Save As/Browse dialogs

Personal Computer System Information 30)   Personal Computer System Information 1.0
Tool to gather the most important information about your personal computer

BatMonkey SendTo Module 31)   BatMonkey SendTo Module 1.01
Open a DOS prompt in the current folder with a file or folder name variable

pgEvent 32)   pgEvent 1.0.2060.38522
pgEvent is a small Tool to write EventLog entries from command shell

Jitbit Virtual Keyboard 33)   Jitbit Virtual Keyboard 1.55
Multilingual on-screen virtual keyboard. Type text with your mouse.

HandyDialogs 34)   HandyDialogs 2.01
Just a click away: favorite folders, documents, web sites at your fingertips.

On-Screen Keyboard Magic 35)   On-Screen Keyboard Magic 1.0
Elegant features for Microsoft Windows On-Screen Keyboard.

nLite 36)   nLite 1.4b
nLite is a GUI for permanent Windows component removal by your choice

Taskbar Button Manager 37)   Taskbar Button Manager 2.2
Simple utility that adds drag and drop funcitonality to the taskbar.

HWareInfo 38)   HWareInfo 1.0
HWareInfo is a simple freeware shell utility that displays hardware information from the command console quickly and easily..

PowerCmd 39)   PowerCmd 2.1
Streamlines your command prompt with an easy-to-use Tabbed GUI-style interface

Folder Marker 40)   Folder Marker 1.0
Lets you mark your folders with color-coded and image-coded icon. Free.

Flash Desktop 41)   Flash Desktop 4.0
Convert Flash movies to wallpapers or screensavers.

DTaskManager 42)   DTaskManager 1.44
DTaskManager is a stand-alone fully featured Task-Manager.

MouseImp Pro Live! 43)   MouseImp Pro Live!
Forget scroll bars! Scroll by moving the mouse up or down anywhere in the window

BlazingTools Boss Invisible 44)   BlazingTools Boss Invisible 1.01
Instantly hides any program you want with a one mouse movement!

InfraREDEye 45)   InfraREDEye 1.0
Is a useful software that lets you remotely control your computer

Animated 3d Aquarium screensaver 46)   Animated 3d Aquarium screensaver 1

Active Virtual Desktop 47)   Active Virtual Desktop 2.01
Virtual desktop manager which will create up to 9 desktops.

Folder Marker Home - Changes Folder Icons 48)   Folder Marker Home - Changes Folder Icons 2.1
Lets you change folder icon (mark folder) with color-coded and image-coded icon.

Spectasia 49)   Spectasia 1.5
Spectasia 3D Lookable User Interface

QuickIT .NET 50)   QuickIT .NET 1.0
QuickIT .NET is used to simplify the navigation in Windows

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